R-Tech TIG Welder Digital AC/DC 260 Amp 240v


R-Tech TIG Welder Digital AC/DC 260 Amp 240v

The R-Tech TIG260EXT is a power-packed 260Amp AC/DC TIG welder with 240V input, 4 AC waveforms, 9 Job memory store, True 4 way trigger latching with pre/post gas, slope up/down and start/final amps, LED display, advanced pulse welding and includes an SSC remote foot pedal and a massive 60% duty cycle
£1,495.00 +VAT £1,794.00 Incl. VAT

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£1,495.00 +VAT £1,794.00 Incl. VAT


Technical Specifications


 Amperage range DC 5-260A,  AC 10-260A,   MMA 20-210A 
 Duty cycle  TIG 260A 60% - MMA 210A 60% 
 Input voltage/amps  240v 32A  - No load voltage 70v
 Memory Stores  9 
 AC Frequency  20 - 250 Hz  
 AC Balance  5 - 90 %  
 Pulse Width  5 - 95 %  
 Pulse Frequency  AC 0.1 - 250 Hz Squarewave  
   AC .01 - 10 Hz Soft, Sine & Triangular Wave   
   DC 0.1 - 500 Hz  
 Pre flow gas  0 - 25 seconds  
 Post flow gas  0 - 50 seconds  
 Start amperage  Yes  
 End amperage  Yes  
 Slope up  0 - 25 seconds  
 Slope down  0 - 25 seconds  
 HF Start  Yes  
 Lift Start  Yes  
 MMA Arc force  0 - 100 %  
 MMA Hot start  0 - 2 seconds  
 MMA Hot start amps    0 - 100%  
 VRD  Yes - Reduces MMA OCV for user safety  
 Gross weight  27KG  
 Dimensions  438H x 232W x 550L (mm)  
 Insulation class  IP21S  
 Cooling fan  Fan-On-Demand fan cooling system for quieter operation
 Max Thickness  12MM
 Max Thickness Steel  22MM Multiple Passes


  • Digital control panel - designed for easy use
    - Control all parameters from a single button
    - Easy start and finish set-up
    - Store up to 9 jobs in memory

  • 4 AC Waveforms
    - Advanced Square Wave: fast cooling weld pool, deep penetration and fast travel speed
    - Soft Square and Sine Wave: Lower arc noise, for a more traditional arc
    - Triangular Wave: designed for thin alloys, reduces heat input

  • Microstart HF - improved arc starting and less interference - What is this?Ensures an ultra-clean start to your welds
  • Lift Tig start option when welding near sensitive electronics - Automotive ECUs etc
  • VRD Voltage Reduction in MMA - reduces OCV in standby for increased user safety
  • Full 4-way functioning with control of pre/post flow gas, initial/final amps, slope up/down
  • Generator Friendly - Recommended minimum of 10KVA
  • LED display for preset and actual amperage
  • MMA Anti-Stick, Arc-Force & Hot Start technology

  • Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 12KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation)
  • 3 year collect and return UK warranty - What is this?in the unlikely event of machine failure, R-Tech will pay to collect, repair and return the Tig welder to you quickly- No quibble warranty
  • Includes a remote foot pedal worth £178
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What a nice bit of kit this is ....It came very well packed and the delivery was excellent with a 1 hour time slot sent to me with 24 hours notice ...had it up and running in 5 mins once a plug was fitted .....I will be making a video of this in operation soon

I am an engineer that enjoys building anything from cars to light fittings. I had had exposure to professional welding gear all my life and would rate this tig right up there with the best of them.

As far as the machine is concerned, I am definitely not qualified to judge its performance. I work in an athletic equipment repair shop. We don't really need a TIG welder, but always trying to broaden our skills, so we bought this machine in order to learn. I can only say that it feels great (strong and stable) as a stick welder (I can stick weld alright) and I managed to run some decent TIG beads on mild steel in just my first 30 minutes of operation. I guess this is good.

Welder seems of good quality.

I use the set for mild steel, Ali and stainless and it doesn't miss a beat! It looks good too!!