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Arc Welding Electrodes

In arc welding, the intense heat required to weld two pieces of metal together is produced by an electric arc, which is formed between the work and a welding electrode. The electrode can take the shape of specially prepared arc welding rods, which melt and supply filler metal to the joint, or a simple rod that delivers the current to the joint.

At R-Tech Welding, we stock a full range of arc welding electrodes. And if you’re not sure what parts you need, please give us a call on 01452 733933 for a little expert help.

6013 is a versatile and general purpose rutile-coated mild steel MMA electrode which runs smoothly and leaves an attractive weld bead. CE approved to EN13479, 6013 can be confidently used on land-based steel structures and general fabrication alike.

7018 is a basic coated electrode with extremely low H2 content and very high efficiency, designed for welding carbon and carbon-manganese steels with tensile strength up to 510 MPa. It is characterized by very good mechanical properties, especially at low temperatures. Certified and Lloyds approved.

308L and 316L are popular grade of Stainless Steel rod with good welding characteristics. These multi-purpose rutile electrodes are for welding low carbon austenitic acid resistant stainless steels grades like AISI 316, 316L. Universal in applications but typical for all industries where superior erosion resistance is required: textile industry, paper mills, chemical industry, food industry etc. Provides resistance to general and intergranular corrosion (up to 400°C) and good resistance to hot cracking. Re-dry at 300°C for a minimum of two hours. 312 is a Dissimilar rod used to join low- alloyed or unalloyed steel to stainless, etc. or where exact grades aren’t known.

Pure Nickel is a basic coated electrode for cold welding grey and malleable cast iron grades and for joining base metals to steel, copper and copper alloys. The electrode deposits a high-grade nickel weld metal which is ideal for repair welding cracked and worn castings, including highly contaminated cast materials. Both weld metal and heat affected zones are soft and easily machinable using files. This rod is ideally suited for the combined welding of Nickel Iron (E NiFe CI), buttering with Siftrode Cast Iron Ni and filling with a Nickel Iron (NiFe) rod.

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