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R-Tech 162 Digital DC TIG Welder 240v

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R-Tech 162 Digital DC TIG Welder 240v
R-Tech 162 Digital DC TIG Welder 240v
R-Tech 162 Digital DC TIG Welder 240v R-Tech 162 Digital DC TIG Welder 240v R-Tech 162 Digital DC TIG Welder 240v
This is maximum weld with 1 pass, if you do multiple passes you can weld up to 10mm

5mm Max Weld

This is maximum weld with 1 pass, if you do multiple passes you can weld up to 10mm
Welds ALL steels in DC mode, will also weld brass, copper & titanium

Weld Steel

Welds ALL steels in DC mode, will also weld brass, copper & titanium
Ready to up your game and step into the world of TIG welding? With Easy Setup, this fully featured digital TIG is the ideal companion for welding steel, titanium & brazing. Ideal for pipework, fabrication and jobs where fine control is required.
  • EASY SETUP MODES - Professional weld settings built in - Get great results
  • DC settings from 0.8 to 6mm
  • 4" HD Screen
  • Simple to use - Easy navigation - no complicated menus - All settings on single screen
  • DC Pulse - up to 500Hz
  • DC Pulse frequency and amp %
  • Full control of all DC weld parameters, Pre-flow Gas, Start Amps, Slope up time, Main amps, Slope down time, End amps and post flow gas
  • Low amps starting 2A DC
  • SPOT and TACK weld modes with stitch (repeat) function
  • HF & LIFT Start modes
  • 2T, 4T, Foot pedal & Torch amp control modes
  • 4TS Trigger mode - Ideal for pipe welding, switch from start to main amps by tapping the torch switch
  • Amperage Range TIG: 2 to 160 Amps
  • Amperage Range MMA: 10 to 130 Amps
  • 5 year collect and return UK warranty

Book a welding demonsratation

    Want to try before you buy? Book a demonstration at our Tewkesbury HQ - Available 5 days per week 9am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
 Amperage range 240V  DC TIG 2-160A, MMA 20-160A 
 Duty cycle 240V  TIG 160A 60% - MMA 130A 60%
 Input voltage/amps  240v 16A No load voltage 70v
 Pulse amperage  5 - 95 %
 Pulse frequency  0.1 - 500 Hz 
 Slope up  0 - 10 seconds
 Slope down  0 - 10 seconds
 Post flow gas  0 - 25 seconds
 Pre flow gas  0 - 25 seconds - Ideal for stainless purging
 Switchable HF Start  Yes
 2T/4T Trigger  Yes
 Memory store  Yes
 Gross weight  14KG
 Dimensions  425 x 195 x 310mm (L x W x H)
 Foot pedal option  Yes
 Insulation class  IP21S  
 Cooling fan  Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection 
 Max Thickness  5MM Single Pass
 Max Thickness Steel  10MM Multiple Passes


5 year collect and return UK warranty - What is this?in the unlikely event of machine failure, R-Tech will pay to collect, repair and return the Tig welder to you quickly- No quibble warranty

Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 5KVA 240V and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation)

Package Includes, R-Tech TIG162DC DC Tig Welder, 4M WP17 Air Cooled Tig Torch, Earth Lead, MMA Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Argon Regulator, Owners Manual, Torch Consumables Kit including Tungstens

The R-Tech TIG162DC carries the following warranty:-

  • TIG162DC - 5 Year Warranty
  • Regulator - 1 Year Warranty
  • R-Tech TIG Torches - 3 Month Warranty
  • Earth and Electrode Leads - 3 Month Warranty
  • Optional FP7 Foot Pedal - 1 Year Warranty
  • Optional Water Cooler - 3 Year Warranty

R-Tech machines are designed to be robust, easy to use and highly reliable but in the unlikely event that your welder or plasma cutter requires attention, R-Tech promise to:-

  • Arrange collection via next working day UK courier [48hr offshore]
  • Quickly repair the machine at our Technical and R&D centre in Gloucester
  • Deliver back via next working day UK courier  [48hr offshore]
  • All costs covered by R-Tech - Yes, Collection, repair and delivery!

No questions, no hassle, just honest and reliable service - A true no quibble warranty

Most of our competitors only offer return to base [RTB] warranties - you have to pay and arrange to get it back to them which can be a hassle. Many others offer warranties that have clauses and if you don't have it serviced yearly by them, at your cost, the warranty will be void.

Other benefits of owning an R-Tech machine include:-

  • Free friendly and knowledgeable technical advice via phone and email
  • Free machine setup help always available - We want you to get the best from your machine
  • Ten year Duty-of-Care on all our machines, giving you piece of mind that spare parts will be available if needed
  • Video's to show how to use and setup your R-Tech machine.
  • 2 year extended warranties available at a minimal cost.

Don't just take our word for it - see our customer reviews page to see what real customers say about the R-Tech products and our service & support.

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R-Tech TIG162DC Owners Manual

  • What is Easy-Setup on the TIG162DC TFT?

    R-Tech Easy mode takes the guesswork out of TIG welding. You normally had to enter all weld settings before beginning to weld on manual welders, we have done this for you.

    You simply select the following from easy to understand screen.

    Tungsten size
    Material thickness
    Trigger / Pedal mode

    The machine will set main amperage power and post flow gas time required. Just press trigger / press foot pedal and you are welding.

    Easy-set is ideal for all users - the beginner / occasional / proffesional welder as you can get welding - no need for charts / remembered settings etc as it's all built in for you.

    You also have 10A trim +/- of recommended amperage, simply turn knob to decrease / increase amperage.
    This is to allow fine tuning to personal preferences like travel speed, weld bead appearance.

    TIG DC TFT Easy Set screen

  • What Settings Are There In Manual Mode On TIG162DC TFT

    In TIG Manual mode, you have full control of machine settings including.

    Standard TIG settings

    HF / Lift Start
    Pre-flow and post flow gas time  0 - 25 seconds - Ideal for stainless purging
    Start / End amps 3A to max.
    Up / downslope time  0 - 10 seconds

    Pulse mode settings

    Pulse frequency 0.1 - 500 Hz 
    Pulse Amperage 5 - 95 %
    Pulse width 5 - 95 %

    Tack weld settings

    Tack time 10ms - 250ms
    Stitch time 10ms - 250ms

    Spot weld settings

    Spot time 0.1s - 10s
    Stitch time 0.1s - 5s

  • What are the SPOT and TACK function on the TIG162DC TFT

    On the TFT range of machines we added many new advanced functions compared to our previous digital machines. SPOT and TACK weld were two of these additions.

    TACK welding allows you to product one single fast tack weld for a selected time when trigger is pressed. You can also set a stitch time which will then set a delay time after first tack and then another tack weld will be started and this will be repeated for as long as trigger is pressed.

    Ideal for quick tacking of a job before the main welds are done, each tack will be excatly the same.

    Tack time is adjustable between 10ms - 250ms, stitch time 10ms - 250ms

    SPOT welding allows you to product one single spot weld for a selected time when trigger is pressed. You can also set a stitch time which will then set a delay time after first spot and then another spot weld will be started and this will be repeated for as long as trigger is pressed.

    This is setup in same way as tack weld screen, however spot time is between 0.1s and 10s and the stitch time is 0 - 5s.

  • How does the foot pedal work on TIG162DC?

    This allows you to control the amperage when actually welding which is very beneficial especially when welding aluminium or exotic steels / alloys. It acts like a car throttle controlling the amperage.

    You simply unplug the torch switch plug from machine and plug in the foot pedal.

    You then set the main control amperage on machine front panel to the maximum you wish the foot pedal to go to on a maximum depression. So if you set the main amperage control to 100amps, when fully depressed the foot pedal will give 100amps. If set to 40 amps, it will go from minimum amps to 40amps allowing fine control of amperage. 

    Note: Some competitors foot pedals have the maximum amperage knob on the side of the foot pedal, so it can be hard to see what the maximum has been set and also easily knocked as on floor, this is quite an old fashioned way (we changed to machine control of foot pedal max amps over 17 years ago) 

    Once a weld pool is formed and you are moving along the weld as the heat transfers into the workpiece you may require less amperage as the weld pool width / penetration will get too hot, reducing the welding current with foot pedal will stop this happening.

    Over a 300mm long weld, you may need 100amps at the beginning and only 80 amps at the end of weld. Using a foot pedal will give you a uniform weld bead size.

    It also allows you to back off the heat from weld if you need to reposition torch / get new filler rod but don't want to stop the weld I.E When doing pipework etc which requires one continuous weld.

    Most experienced tig welders prefer to use a foot pedal especially on aluminium and exotic steels / alloys, unless the welding is not being done at a workbench i.e. working on a car etc.

  • What is Included in the Box with the TIG162DC TFT

    All of our machines include everything to get you welding as quickly as possible, at no additional cost. All you need to do is add your selected filler wire and gas to get going.

    All of our TFT DC TIG welders include the following, in the box, at no additional cost.

    • 4M WP26 Air Cooled Torch
    • Earth Lead
    • MMA Lead
    • Gas Hose
    • Mains Cable
    • Argon Regulator
    • Owners Manual
    • Torch Consumables, Including Tungstens

    Additional items such as a Foot Pedal and/or Trolley can be purchased as an optional extra, in the drop down menus.

  • What is Meant by Duty Cycle on the TIG162DC TFT?

    Duty Cycle refers to how long a machine will operate for before it automatically stops the welding ARC to protect its components from overheating.

    A 60% duty cycle at 200 amps would mean that you are able to weld at 200 amps for a maximum of 6 minutes out of 10 before the machine shuts off to cool down.

    Higher duty cycles at higher amperage indicate a machine is made from more high quality components, built to withstand the stresses welding places on them.

    We believe on a minimum of 35% duty cycle, most of our machines are 60% at maximum amperage. Built to last, ideal for all users -  Industrial, D.I.Y, Home workshop. 

    At R-Tech we believe in building machines to last, with minimum down time to our customers, so we fit the most reliable power modules and IGBT's available coupled with oversized heatsinks. Therefore our machines are able to work harder for longer! 

    We also quote our duty cycles at machines MAXIMUM amperage unlike some manufacturers who sneakily quote duty cycles NOT at maximum amperage which can be quite misleading! Duty cycle is very important, 20% is not an industrial duty cycle.

    I.E Competitors state on thier 200amp machine, 60% duty cycle @140Amps.. So what is the duty cycle @ 200Amps?? 

  • Why should I buy a TIG162DC TFT from R-Tech?

    R-Tech provide you with high quality welding equipment with easy useable features, at exceptional value with un-rivalled direct customer support.

    All our machines are robustly built using the latest ultra reliable IGBT inverter power components sourced from Siemens Infineon in Germany & USA.

    We give a 5 year collect and return warranty on all our R-Tech machines, a true no quibble warranty. We pay for and arrange collection, repair and return to you. General turn-around is 3-4 days, Can you current supplier offer such fast service?

    We also offer a free loan machine service to get you back welding quickly and if arranged before 3pm, this can be delivered next working day for UK mainland.

    10 year duty of care on spare parts - We keep a large stock of spares in our Tewkesbury premises.

    We build our machines in a modular basis which ensures any future repair bills are kept to a minimum, unlike some manufacturers who build the internals of their machines on just one or two P.C.B's. We ensure ours are designed to have internal components easily replaced ensuring cost effective repairs.

  • How Long Will It Take To Get My TIG162DC TFT?

    All orders for R-Tech welding equipment received by 3PM will normally be despatched the same day for next day delivery to the UK mainland, UK Isles may take 48hrs.

    Once your order has been placed, will will email you an order confirmation, then a despatch confirmation with tracking number so you can track your order. We mainly use DHL who will often provide a 1 hour delivery time to you.

    Simply order on-line or by phone on 01452 733933.

    If you require any advice on which welding machine will best suit your requirements, please give us a all and one of our friendly sales/technical team will answer your questions

  • What is the R-Tech 5 Year Collect & Return Warranty on TIG162DC

    R-Tech offer a 5 year collect and return warranty on the R-Tech TIG162DC

    Our warranty is a no-quibble collect and return service, it means that in the unlikely event of failure we will arrange collection at our expense, fix the fault (normally turned around within 48 hours) and ship it back to you at our expense. 

    No other UK welding supplier offers this high level of service. Ask yourself if your current supplier would give you this kind of support. 

    As we are engineer's ourselves, we understand the hassle and cost of machine downtime so we always provide a very quick turn-around of all repairs thus reducing your downtime.

    Some manufacturer's can take over a month to complete warranty repairs which we feel is ridiculous.

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