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TIG Welding Videos & Tutorials

TIG Welders, Easy-Setup, consumables & water cooling and more.

Setting up your TIG welder and need help, the videos on this page will help you setup your TIG welder.

Fitting TIG Torch consumables.

Gas flow meters

Information on R-Tech Easy-setup on our NEW range of TIG welders.

Extensive library on settings videos for our Analgouge TIG161/201 and Digital EXT Machines.

Various review videos.

If you need help / advice, call one of our friendly experts on 01452 733933 or via livechat on website.

Easy Setup explained - AC/DC TFT Range

How to fit TIG torch consumables

TIG Torch Consumables By Doubleboost

Gas flow meter setup - Save gas tips

Setting up a Water Cooler On TIG Welder

R-Tech AC/DC TFT TIG Welders

JWeldz - Setup and review AC/DC TFT TIG

GizFab - TIG211 TFT Review

Doubleboost - TIG261 TFT Setup & Review

AC/DC TFT TIG - Manual Mode Setup

60 videos on setting up TIG161/201 Analogue and EXT Digital TIG Welders

TIG Welding Setup videos - Select machine, material and process to filter