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R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)

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R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)
Offer R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)
R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v) R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v) R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v) R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)
This is maximum weld with 1 pass, if you do multiple passes you can weld up to 22mm

9mm Max Weld

This is maximum weld with 1 pass, if you do multiple passes you can weld up to 22mm
This will weld ALL steels including stainless steel

Weld Steel

This will weld ALL steels including stainless steel
You can weld aluminium with the optional spool on gun, you will need PURE argon gas.

Weld Aluminium

You can weld aluminium with the optional spool on gun, you will need PURE argon gas.
Optional spool gun makes MIG welding aluminium easy, wire reel is held on torch.

Spool Gun

Optional spool gun makes MIG welding aluminium easy, wire reel is held on torch.
The PROMIG MIG Welder is an industrial 250 Amp Portable Inverter MIG Welder, 240v input, MMA (Stick) Facility, durable metal feed assy . Ideal for Automotive, Fabrication & Industrial use. Optional spool gun for aluminium welding available, this is a great addition to your workshop.
    Want to try before you buy? Book a demonstration at our Tewkesbury HQ - Available 5 days per week 9am-12pm and 2pm-4pm.
 Amperage Range MIG  30 - 250A
 Input voltage/amps  240v 32A 
 Duty cycle  250A @35% - 200A @60%
 Amperange range MMA   20 - 200A
 Wire reel size  5KG & 15KG
 Wire diameter  0.6mm , 0.8mm, 1.0mm 
 Roller size fitted  0.6mm , 0.8mm, 1.0mm 
 Net weight  17KG  
 Dimensions  280 x 350 x 510 mm
 Euro style torch  Yes - Easy fitment of torch
 LED Display  Yes - Shows acutal welding amps
 Gasless wire  Yes - Easy reversal of polarity for gasless wire 
 Cooling fan  Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection  
 Max Thickness Steel  9MM Single Pass
 Max Thickness Steel  19MM Multiple Passes


  • Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 7KVA and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation)

  • Package Includes, R-Tech ProMIG 250-1 MIG Welder, 3M MB25 Air Cooled MIG Torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Gas Regulator, Owners Manual

  • Want to weld aluminium - Simply fit our optional Spool on Gun system and Argon gas

The R-Tech PROMIG250 carries the following warranty:-

  • PROMIG250 - 5 Year Warranty
  • Regulator - 1 Year Warranty
  • R-Tech MIG Torches - 3 Month Warranty
  • Earth Lead - 3 Month Warranty
  • Optional Spool Gun - 1 Year Warranty

R-Tech machines are designed to be robust, easy to use and highly reliable but in the unlikely event that your welder or plasma cutter requires attention, R-Tech promise to:-

  • Arrange collection via next working day UK courier [48hr offshore]
  • Quickly repair the machine at our Technical and R&D centre in Gloucester
  • Deliver back via next working day UK courier  [48hr offshore]
  • All costs covered by R-Tech - Yes, Collection, repair and delivery!

No questions, no hassle, just honest and reliable service - A true no quibble warranty

Most of our competitors only offer return to base [RTB] warranties - you have to pay and arrange to get it back to them which can be a hassle. Many others offer warranties that have clauses and if you don't have it serviced yearly by them, at your cost, the warranty will be void.

Other benefits of owning an R-Tech machine include:-

  • Free friendly and knowledgeable technical advice via phone and email
  • Free machine setup help always available - We want you to get the best from your machine
  • Ten year Duty-of-Care on all our machines, giving you piece of mind that spare parts will be available if needed
  • Video's to show how to use and setup your R-Tech machine.
  • 2 year extended warranties available at a minimal cost.

Don't just take our word for it - see our customer reviews page to see what real customers say about the R-Tech products and our service & support.

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R-Tech MIG180-MIG250 Spec Sheet 2023
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R-Tech Welding Brochure Spring 2022
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PROMIG250 Weld Settings Chart
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Owners Manual R-Tech MIG Welder Pro-Mig250

  • What Wire Spool Size Fits Inside the MIG 250?

    The MIG 250 is compatible with spool sizes up to 15KG. This makes the machine perfect for any industrial use without the worry of running out of wire in a hurry!. 

  • Which Wire Diameters Can I Use in the MIG 250?

    You can use both 0.8mm and 1.0mm diamters in the R-Tech MIG  250. We get excellent results when we use the follwing -

    For anything 6mm and below, such as car chassis work or steel structures, we would recommend 0.8mm wire thickness. This is because the wire requires a much lower amperage to achieve briliiant penetration and prevents burning holes in the work piece.

    For anything 6mm and above, such as digger buckets or RSJ's, we would recommend 1.0mm wire thickness. This wire thickness is a fantastic all rounder as it suites many of the users requirements.

    If you want to weld any really thin material, such as car body panels or sheet metal, we do stock the 0.6mm rollers for the MIG 250. The machine works extremely well at low amperages!. 

    Our machines are fitted with a double grooved roller to suite both 0.8mm and 1.0mm wire. Simply unscrew the retaining screw from roller, turn the roller around to match the wire diameter and re-install the retaining screw.

  • Which Gas Do I Need To MIG Weld?

    We reccomend using a gas that contains 95% Argon and 5% Carbon Dioxide for any welding less than 6mm. If you are welding anything more than 6mm, we would suggest an 85% Argon and 15% Carbon Dioxide mixed gas.

  • Can I Weld Aluminium With An R-Tech MIG Welder?

    Yes you can. We highly reccomend using a spool gun when welding aluminium as this prevents any snags and birds nests found when using just a teflon liner in the torch. Our MIG 180, 250 and MTS 255 come spool gun ready, keeping the process nice and simple. Just plug the spool gun into the R-Tech machine and away you go!.

    Note - Pure argon gas is required when welding aluminium.

  • Can I Stick/MMA Weld With An R-Tech MIG 250?

    Yes you can, the MIG 250 is fitted with stick welding functionality and will comfortably burn rods up to 4.0mm smoothly. This makes the MIG 180 suitable for agricutural welding jobs such as digger buckets, railings and gates posts.

  • What Should I Set My Gas Flow Rate When MIG Welding?

    We recommend setting your flow rate between 12 to 15 litres per minute (LPM) when MIG Welding. You can do this on the regulator supplied with the machine however, we suggest getting a flow meter for more precise tuning. 

  • How Long Will It Take to Get My Machine?

    All orders for R-Tech welding equipment received by 3PM will normally be despatched the same day for next day delivery to the UK mainland, UK Isles may take 48hrs. 

    Once your order has been placed, will will email you an order confirmation, then a despatch confirmation with tracking number so you can track your order. We mainly use DHL who will often provide a 1 hour delivery time to you.

    Simply order on-line or by phone on 01452 733933.

    If you require any advice on which welding machine will best suit your requirements, please give us a all and one of our friendly sales/technical team will answer your questions.

  • Why should I buy a MIG250 from R-Tech?

    R-Tech provide you with high quality welding equipment with easy useable features, at exceptional value with un-rivalled direct customer support.

    All our machines are robustly built using the latest ultra reliable IGBT inverter power components sourced from Siemens Infineon in Germany & USA.

    We give a 5 year collect and return warranty on all our R-Tech machines, a true no quibble warranty. We pay for and arrange collection, repair and return to you. General turn-around is 3-4 days, Can you current supplier offer such fast service?

    We also offer a free loan machine service to get you back qelding quickly and if arranged before 3pm, this can be delivered next working day for UK mainland.

    10 year duty of care on spare parts - We keep a large stock of spares in our Gloucester premises.

    We build our machines in a modular basis which ensures any future repair bills are kept to a minimum, unlike some manufacturers who build the internals of thier machines on just one or two P.C.B's. We ensure ours are designed to have internal components easily replaced ensuring cost effective repairs.

  • What Is An Inverter Welder And What Are The Benefits?

    Inverter welders use new silicon based technology to produce their welding power compared to older style welders that use heavy copper/aluminium transformers and rectifiers.

    •  Inverters use much smaller transformers, so they are a lot smaller, lighter and more portable.
    •  Inverters use a lot less input power to get the same output power than the older transformer type machines, so they consume a lot less electricity and therefore are greener to run.
    • Because Inverters output power is controlled electronically, you have infinite power adjustment from 0 - 100% so you can really fine tune these to you needs. On MIG welders sometimes setting 2 is not enough power, but setting 3 is too much. You won't get this problem with infinite power control.

    Are inverter welders realiable?

    • Yes. When inverter welders first came out many years ago, like any new technology they did have their problems. Nowadays inverter technology is very reliable, cost effective and has many benefits over traditional welders.

    At R-Tech we use ultra-reliable Eupec Infineon IGBT Power Modules and power produced by American/German companies which are ultra reliable and allow us produce high duty cycle welding equipment.

  • How Are R-Tech Welding Machines Built?

    As with all major manufacturers of welding equipment, the R-Tech range uses components originating from several countries.

    The main part of our inverter range utilise 'Eupec (Infineon)' IGBT & power modules produced by American and German companies providing very high duty cycles with great reliability. With other components sourced from the Europe (internals) and the Far East (chassis and case components) from tried and tested high quality sources.

    All final quality testing is carried out at our premises in Tewkesbury, UK.

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