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MIG Welding Videos & Tutorials

MIG torches, spool gun info and more. 

Setting up your MIG welder and need help, the videos on this page will help you setup your MIG welder.

MIG welding torches are available in 3,4 & 5M lengths and come in air cooled types as below

MB15 for welding up to 150 amps
MB25 for welding up to 250 amps
MB36 for welding up to 360 amps
MIG water cooled torches come in MB501 type.

Spool gun for easy welding of Aluminium.

Information on R-Tech Easy-setup on our NEW range of MIG welders.

If you need help / advice, call one of our friendly experts on 01452 733933 or via livechat on website.

Easy Setup explained - MIG181

How to replace a MIG torch liner

MIG181 Review and Setup by Doubleboost

Gas flow meter setup - Save gas tips

Spool gun and aluminium part 1

Spool gun and aluminium part 2

Spool gun and aluminium part 3

Spool gun and aluminium part 4

MIG180 - Why to buy guide

MIG450 - Why to buy guide