R-Tech P30C Plasma Cutter 240V (12mm Cutting Kit)

R-Tech P30C Plasma Cutter 240V (12mm Cutting Kit)

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R-Tech P30C Plasma Cutter 240V (12mm Cutting Kit)

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Plasma Cutter R-Tech P30C
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The R-Tech P30C plasma cutter features 8mm Genuine clean cut on mild steel and 12mm severance cut, its lightweight, portable and works of a 13A supply, features high frequency starting for easy starting of cuts and low cost long life consumables.

Technical Specifications


 Amperage Range  15 - 30A
 Input voltage/amps  240v 13A 
 Clean cut mild steel   8mm
 Severance cut mild steel   12mm
 Clean cut aluminum  6mm
 Clean cut stainless steel  6mm
 Air consumption  100Ltr/Min  (3.5CFM) @ 3.45 Bar (50PSI)
 Net weight  14KG  
 Dimensions  390 x 190 x 290 mm
 Post flow air  Yes - Cools torch when cutting stopped
 HF Start  Yes - Enables easy arc starting
 Cooling fan  Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection 



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works perfectly

I do metal sculpture and light fabrication and i have recommended rtech to everyone. Great service

seems ok, but early days. easy to use.

I purchased the 30amp Plasma from R-tech to take me to the next level with my welding and fabrication. A plasma cutter in general opens up many more doors and is a valuable asset to me. I decided to go for the 30amp over the 50amp based on finances and power supply at the time of purchase. I often wonder whether i should have gone for the 50amp, considering i know do have the power supply to power it. However i have been very pleased with the performance that this 30amp has delivered. When I have struggled with a cut, looking back, it was most likely to have been operator error more than the machines capability. The machine is very compact and was a lot smaller than i expected. It has a premium and solid feel and is very easy to set up and use. They havnt skimped out on accessories either and this is not only a plus to me, but also a sign of quality. The ground clamp is a decent size, with the copper strip connecting both sides of the clamp and is of sturdy construction I was most impressed by the sheath that groups and protects all the cables leading from the machine to the cutting torch. I have seen these as optional extras on other machines, but i was glad to see it as standard when i opened the box. The torch cable at 4.5m is a decent length so you havnt got to keep moving the unit around work pieces but i do envy how the 50amp comes with a 6m torch The built in regulator is very easy and simple to use for getting the correct pressures and the supplied pcl air fitting on the back made for one less purchase.. The cutting torch itself is probably the let down for me. There is nothing wrong with it, but it does feel cheap and flimsy in comparison to the rest of the machine and the actual physical size of it, for me, i would have preferred something a bit bigger to grab. I know the 50amp unit comes with a different torch so perhaps thats the answer for me. However it hasn't been a problem to use and i do like how the torch can rotate 360 from the cables. Finally to compliment the machine, a consumables kit to get you off the ground and running for some time is the cherry on top for package deals.

Would recommend. Used for light repair work. Product seems excellent where only 13A supply available.