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| Couldn't possibly repeat it. |
2015-11-27 03:53:31
Lovely machine and good value for money, mine us used on heavier material and on aluminium alloys and works well on all. Having the facility to run 1mm wire is excellent, get much above 160 amps on 0.8 wire and performance drops off due to the small diameter of the wire. Welded as thin as 0.5mm plate on 1mm wire and that shows the true performance of any machine. Run many machines, Kemppi, Miller, BOC, and many more and the R-tech matches the best of them for welding performance and outperforms many more of them. Switching to arc mode really proved its worth, massive welding performance proven when I loaded 5mm electrode in and set it to its full arc welding power of 200 amps and had to wind the power down to stop it spraying, no other welding plant I have used can do this (and I have used many plants over the years) and it puts the welds down so smoothly. Switching from standard 6013 rods to specialised rods really shows its capabilities as it welds everything I throw at it. Many people have tried it and loved it, when it impresses coded welders its a testament to its ability. Its so easy to use that grandson learned to weld with MIG in about 1 hour and was putting passable welds down and it took him about 2 hours to crack arc welding, if a 9 year old can learn both modes of welding in less than a morning its impressive. My only issue was with the casing, a couple of the screws weren't in straight but the casing is heavier duty than most other machines and it isn't a major issue but knocks the quality score down a little, but where it matters it really performs.
| Flowrite |
2015-11-20 22:30:35
Great product, I was surprised how solid it was when put together really easy to assemble great value for money
| Sean |
2015-11-15 11:21:33
Saved a fortune on cutting discs and gas and more importantly time.machine has no plug fitted so have a 32amp blue plug ready.
| Steve crisp |
2015-11-02 19:55:42
Brilliant service these guys know what they're selling been welding with a mig for 25 yrs Had a few welding issues with not enough gas and a wire problem not R-Tech problems but all was sorted with speed and no charge I have also bought a big compressor and now a plasma the best
| Trip |
2015-10-30 23:29:32
A fellow welder recommended an R tech machine to me a few weeks ago and after issues with the A/C control on my machine I tried his ac/dc 251 and went for the 320. I've only had the machine for a week and it has already proved to be so much more versatile than the old Migatronic navigator that it is replacing. The amount of control available has already been an revelation for the work I'm doing.
| nick |
2015-10-30 17:23:22
i am not a welder but found the mig 180 very easy to use plus very helpful tech services great (daz)
| Leiverage |
2015-10-28 22:03:07
Don't be fooled by the price! Outstanding piece of kit. This welder is very high quality and a dream to use. Came with all the leads and the regulator, I just hooked up the gas and was welding away in minutes. This now takes pride of place in my workshop and would recommend R - tech to anyone wanting to buy a welder. Looking forward to my next purchase of the AC/DC 161! Great service, as a business you deserve to thrive! Thanks.
| Mat3737 |
2015-10-27 17:43:46
Brilliant welder, welds like a dream
| Andypan |
2015-10-26 12:33:31
I purchased this welder after doing a great deal of research on MIG's in general. There are MIG's and there are MIG's. This one ticks all the boxes for me. Great steady performance with a great cooling system. Robust and well made. It is important though to get a C Fuse 35amp socket fitted. It really does help. The 1.0 mm wire is great and makes long, wide welds so easy. So impressed was I, I purchased a plasma - equally as good and great to use. Would I buy again - YES.
| Narcos |
2015-10-22 11:47:42
Ordered my 175 on Tuesday and it was here for me first thing on Wednesday morning in Belfast . I use the 135 in work and thought it was unreal for all the size it is . The welds I'm putting down with the 175 r better again defo the best stick welder I've used . Roll on Christmas, the scratch tig lead set for the 175 is on my list already. Thanks r tech
Great piece of kit very easy to use and produce good welds almost straight out of the box. Having to fit a plug top was a bit of a disappointment. Also the case that it comes in isn't exactly made for the unit but does the job
| Grt Metal Works (Jack) |
2015-10-07 23:17:40
After getting a terrible machine from Miller I decided to give R-Tech ago after hearing all the great reviews these machines get and the professionalism from the sales team and I wasn't disappointed in the slightest, What an absolutely fantastic machine, been using it everyday since I bought it and it has never skipped a beat once, produces excellent welds and very easy to set up with the right settings.

I can't praise this machine enough and to Joe for helping me with my purchase, this will definitely not be the last time I buy from R-Tech.

These guys know what they are doing when they build their machines take my word for it.. Grab an R-Tech welder and you too will not be disappointed!
i must say r-tech service is second to none , i ordered my mig 180 from r-tech on the 29/9/2015 and it arrived on the 2/10/2015 3 days and i live in Spain that's what i call service , have had a little play with it and it seems a very good welder . I did a lot of research on r-tech only found positive feed back , spoke to them on phone very helpful . watched Johns videos so i was glad that used r-tech good company.
| James Roberts |
2015-09-25 13:06:55
Ordered 2.30pm and it was delivered as promised next day before 12AM (I paid the bit extra). Came with a bottle of honda oil, so ready to go once oil and fuel put in. It is so quiet! Thanks for the great service.
| Nick Rogers |
2015-09-25 12:34:36
Hi Dylan, thanks for suppling my new welder, I purchased the TIG161 to do an in-situ repair on my ZZR1200 motorcycle crank case after being sold a lemon that was bodged up with a poor MIG repair, body filler and mastic. I knew this job was going to be tough due to the tight area I had to work in, differing heat absorption (engine mounts around patch) and being that the repair had been attempted before and there were at least two different types of aluminium, paint and oil soaked into the porous repair and casting, however the little gem overcame all the obstacles that were in front of it and I think this was in no small part due to the controllability the TIG161 provides, anyway although the beads are not very cosmetic due to conditions mentioned above the porous area is now permanently patched leak free and probably stronger than original, on low power and high HF she even managed to build up the mating surface which was left 1mm too low by the previous repairer, a careful trim with a sharp file and that’s leak free too, By the way I really wanted an AC/DC TIG and used the bike repair as an excuse but don’t tell the wife, On another important matter I can honestly say I have never dealt with a company like yours before, “I really mean that” you will have all my business from now on, I feel safe in the knowledge that it is your top priority to support your customers and don’t exist just to push boxes, if only all companies had your business ethics! if anyone who may be reading this who is thinking of buying welding equipment please look no further than R-Tech, you really can’t go wrong with these guys.
| Phil harris |
2015-09-24 20:45:25
Decided to buy a new welder that pack a bit more punch than my old 150amp machine. I started shopping around and prices were more £850 + for a single phase mobile 250amp welder. came by this website, saw they were local ish to me, started watching there video of this welder in action and really like what i was seeing, i have a cebora stag welder which is well very expensive but a brilliant weld, this welder though wow make just as good weld if not better weld from this machine 1/7 of the price and easy to move and transport site to site on repair jobs, couldn't ask for better welder worth every penny, I can't wait to try out ally mig on it. Things that would be nice to improve slightly either number the steps of amps on the dial (easy to make note on wire speed/ amp for jobs ) or put digital read out of what its set like 70a etc instead of when of weld i can't see the out put then on the dial. also a bit more manly earth clamp it reminds me of china plasma cutter earth clamps bit thin and weak, (sadly i manage to melt the earth clamp after a few days of welding 12mm, but not a problem i robbed a big manly clamp off my old oxford arc weld does the job fine) still wouldn't put me off buying another one 10/10 great machine. Reply: Thank you for the feedback Phil, glad you like the machine - The amperage display shows the actual amps when welding for calibration purposes. Preset amp display is only found on the high end pulse synergic machines which are £thousands. We'll send you another earth clamp as yours should of lasted longer!
| Dave M |
2015-09-23 08:09:00
Great service next day delivery. Had a Chinese set previously but this is something completely different.. Seems to produce a better weld at a much lower power setting than my previous machine, much better foot pedal control & impressive performance
| Gavin Whitby |
2015-09-22 17:56:14
I don't normally bother with reviews, but I have to say this was a damn fine purchase and delivery was on the button. I'm no welder, but this has improved my welding overnight.
| Sam |
2015-09-15 21:31:54
Absolutely brilliant top quality machine I've wanted to weld aluminum for 15+ years everyone told me to leave it to the professionals but with this welder and a few hours practice it's possible and with great backup and customer service you can't go wrong.....
All I can say is WOW!! What a brilliant little tool this is. I've spent years trying to cut rusty sheet metal out of old restoration projects with snips and gilbows.. This makes life so much easier and gives a clean, distortion free cut every time. Best purchase this year for me!! About to buy a new Mig from guess who.. R Tech!!
| British |
2015-08-30 13:59:28
I was a little worried when the my welder failed after a few attempts of stock welding with it. Frustratingly it wouldn't do anything but I contacted the support number and their tech guy called me back that morning. After a brief discussion as what the problem was they offered to pick the old unit up and send out a new. This went very smoothly and all before noon the next day, what excellent service!. Now that I have had a chance to use the welder I am very impressed, when I first did stick welding the instructor stated if you tap the slag it should peal off. I have never been able to do this with my old welder, however with this welder I can do this and the weld underneath looks beautiful.
| Donald Kendall |
2015-08-24 20:29:25
When I first saw it I thought that can't be as good as our old machine as it was much smaller, boy was I wrong as this machine packs a punch. Cut some 1 inch steel straight out the box and must say i'm very impressed. It was delivered next day as promised. I'll be back for a tig welder soon. Thanks Donald
| Chris Johnson |
2015-08-11 17:16:38
I ordered 4pm on Thursday as had a rush job on for weekend and my Miller welder had packed up. I spoke to Dylan and was assured it would arrive next day on UPS AM delivery as requested. Sure enough it arrived before 10AM and I was welding in 20 minutes. Build quality is fantastic and the weld and features are as good (if not better) than the Miller unit it had replaced. Being able to store the jobs is a bonus as I do some repetitive jobs. Thank you Dylan for the great service - I'll be using you again 10/10.
| William Southgate |
2015-07-24 14:52:38
I ordered a Plasma Cutter 50 amp and received it the following day, I have to say that the service that you provide was second to none, and it was packed perfectly. Great little machine and I will be recommending you to any of my friends. Many thanks William Southgate (Cornwall)
| Matthew johnson |
2015-07-24 14:52:37
WOW what a bit of kit not to mention the service form R-tech. Don't even need to go into details the service from R-tech is second to none, no need to go anywhere else if your looking for a welder. I was wary about buying a TIG off the internet without having tried the machine first knowing there is a lot of crap out there, especially having been using a number of different Miller plants over the past 10years but the performance of this machine is just stunning! Within ten minutes i had it set up and producing aluminium welds to rival any miller you pay ££££ for. Ive now used it on Mild steel, Aluminium and Stainless and actually think it may be better but don't tell R-tech they might put the price up! I didn't go for water cooled and have had no problem with the duty cycle running the machine for almost 4 hours today without any problems. This is a top class machine for very little money, don't but anything else that might be just a little cheaper because i highly doubt they would rival this machine in the slightest.
| Alex Cork |
2015-07-24 14:52:33
Fantastic customer service. The plasma cutter arrived well packaged, with good clear user instructions. The unit is very easy to use and makes awkward cutting in difficult positions possible (underneath chassis). Places where I cannot get my grinder in are no longer safe. The only improvement I feel could be the torch. The trigger is not shrouded and takes very little effort to operate. Unfortunately it often catches on things when moving it across the shop and proceeds to spew compressed air everywhere. Alex (Norfolk)
I’ll start by saying I’m not a big player, I’m just a hobbyist. Wanting to learn how to TIG weld, I was drawn to the R-Tech 201 through the YouTube reviews posted by Doubleboost. The gentleman there, John, seemed to have nothing but good things to say about the welder and the company. This was a considerable investment for me, but I have to say I couldn’t be happier with my decision. The welder is a joy to use, both with stick and TIG. It’s handled everything I’ve thrown at it, even some fairly heavy-duty stick welding, without a hitch. The duty cycle is fantastic. It’s not shut down on me once. And, although I haven’t the experience to compare it to another machine, it seemed to be incredibly forgiving to a novice like me with TIG, I’m actually getting quite good now. And R-Tech the company. A breath of fresh air. Easy to order, super quick to deliver, and there to help if you need it. There was a minor delay regarding a subsequent delivery, and they were on the phone to apologise and let me know what was happening, before I knew there was a delay. Dylan, in particular went above and beyond to look after me. Their equipment and service is fantastic, and their company is the sort you wish you could deal with every day.
| ross hall |
2015-07-24 14:52:30
Great product , wire feed is excellent. very well made , love it.very smooth machine to weld with.Thank you to Dylan in sales for sorting it all out for me.The very best customer service I have ever had to deal with.
| David Cockburn |
2015-07-24 14:52:28
I needed a new foot pedal for my TIG251. I ordered on line. Pedal arrived two days later. Business as usual. It must have taken about 30 minutes, maximum, of my time. No stress, quick and easy.
| sean donovan |
2015-07-24 14:52:27
this is my second purchase from R TECH, in 2006 i purchased a tig welder, superb piece of kit, still going strong, never had any issues. My son bought me a pedal for the tig for christmas one year and I have just bought a p30c plasma cutter ..magic..how does it do that..its like bottled lightning, clean cuts , easy to use, and compact..delivery time, amazing , its like they waiting in the next street for you to order something, then wham, its on your doorstep …thanks R TECH
| Scott Leckie |
2015-07-24 14:52:26
An awesome machine. I had a tiny glitch and Dylan at R-Tech pulled out all the stops to get get the situation rectified, way beyond my expectations. Fantastic machine and fantastic service.
| Jim Jones |
2015-07-24 14:52:24
Great service placed my order at 16:00 and it arrived at 07:30 the next morning, well packaged, all of the kit looks and feels well made, sorted out some gas and did a few test welds today, and I'm happy with the performance - (just need to brush up on my TIG skills that I last used 20 years ago!)
| Rob Morley |
2015-07-24 14:52:23
Excellent service. Despite expecting to wait a little while for delivery as I ordered it late afternoon, this arrived the very next day. Product is of excellent standard and easy to use. Would definitely recommend the product and the company.
| Roger Williams |
2015-07-24 14:52:22
Having used many welders over the years, I feel I have something to compare this inverter unit too. The best of those used previously was a Mosa DC generator set, superb unit. The Rtech Proarc175 is as good , especially with 614 low hydrogen rods !. So smooth.... I nearly bought a Kemppi Minarc Evo 150,at roughly 3 times the price of the Rtech unit, so glad I didn't. I must add, I have no connection with Rtech welding at all, just a happy customer.
| Tom Paterson |
2015-07-24 14:52:19
I cant recommend these guys enough. Its a shame in this day and age that great customer service needs to be shouted about, but these guys are brilliant. I had the 160A DC unit for about 5 years and it was a great unit, made the decision to upgrade - initially I ordered a 3 phase machine which they took back and swapped out without hesitation. I took delivery of this unit and its been absolutely brilliant. Following my purchase ( and over the past few years) they are always happy to help on the phone, and give superb service. Support the good guys and Buy R-Tech every time!
| William Southgate |
2015-07-24 14:52:18
I would like to thank you for the good service that I received when I ordered my TIG161 Welder that I received from you, received very promptly and packed perfectly. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends thanks again. Regards William Southgate (Cornwall)
| Andrew Watling |
2015-07-24 14:52:16
For several months now I have toyed with the idea of upgrading my old and nasty MIG and ARC welders. Why did I wait so long. My PRO MIG250-1 arrived on the day I requested (Dylan, many thanks for your help - great customer service). Within an hour I was welding better than I have ever done before. What a fantastic bit of kit, the quality of the welds is superb with MIG. Stick is also fantastic. The MIG250-I along with my 30A R-Tech plasma cutter (purchased last year), what can I say, great kit and fantastic customer service - Thank you R-TECH.
| Graham Howard |
2015-07-24 14:52:14
Fantastic machine. covers all our needs easily and upped production immensely. We are very happy with this product
| David Butler |
2015-07-24 14:52:12
Arrived very promptly (although UBS web-site is not the easiest to navigate if you want to change delivery times etc.). A quick flash from the MIG welder darkened the lens very quickly. Haven't used it for any period of time "in anger" yet, but it seems well made. Time will tell. Excellent service though - so I'll be back.
| Andrew Forward |
2015-07-24 14:52:10
I bought a Tig201 which arrived the next day. Never having used a TIG before I proceeded to practice on as much ally scrap as I could to familiarise myself with all the controls and what difference they make, and within a few days I was making good strong welds. I need to improve the cosmetics though but that will come with practice. I am really impressed with this kit and the service. Thanks.
| Martin Edwards |
2015-07-24 14:52:08
Well, so far Im really pleased with the I-Mig180 and the service from R-Tech. It's really well constructed, easy to set up and I had nice looking, solid welds within a matter of minutes of switching it on (and I'm pretty much a beginner). As I'd used a forum and Doubleboost's video reviews on the R-Tech site to research the purchase, I posted my initial impressions here: http://www.mig-welding.co.uk/forum/threads/r-tech-i-mig180-just-purchased.52865/ Overall I'm glad I went with R-Tech and looking forwards to getting stuck in to my car resto project.
| Mr Matthew Flute |
2015-07-24 14:52:07
Read all about your product on line. Did lots of research on the product. It was the peace of mind of the 2 year warranty and all the extras that finally swayed me. Great machine but tig torch a bit heavy. From ordering, paying and delivery was smooth and fast.
| luke turff |
2015-07-24 14:52:06
Im not one for writing a review but I'm so pleased with the service and the quality of this welder I had to review it, I've been working as an apprentice welder for 3 years and used £3000 welders on a daily basis, and got this r tech mig 180 and it feels like the top end ones. I have been using this a lot over the last month and all very very good, the quality of parts and build are 100% and if your thinking of getting one go for it!!
| Simon Brittain |
2015-07-24 14:52:04
Proud owner of Pro-Arc 175 welder and rods, the order for which was taken, dispatched and delivered with care and professionalism, on time, without fuss and with customer service second to none. A brilliant bit of kit! Now also the proud owner of P30C plasma cutter and matching compressor. Arrived on time, set up and working in minutes. Two more brilliant bits of kit! R-Tech have provided me with quality, value for money equipment. I've been elsewhere previously and spent more money for interior gear; never again! Many thanks to the team for their outstanding products, support and customer service. PS. Please leave the money in the usual place! Joke...joke!
| Paul Floyd |
2015-07-24 14:52:03
I have used MIG/MAG, ARC and Oxy-Acetylene processes for years but this is my first proper foray into TIG welding and it has been a definite success greatly helped by using a quality machine supplied at a no-nonsense price by very knowledgeable and helpful people.
| brian lavelle |
2015-07-24 14:52:02
Excellent, great service, just after I pressed the buy it now on my keyboard, I got a phone call from r-tech telling me when my plasma cutter p30 would be delivered, it came next morning well packaged. on time, I have tried it out on some 6mm plate. I'm very impressed at the cutting speed, nice clean cut, you get plenty of spare consumables, would recommend this well made piece of kit. plus you get 2 years warranty. regards Brian.
| Jeffrey Brown |
2015-07-24 14:52:00
| Michael Lock |
2015-07-24 14:51:59
Purchased a MIG180 after a lot of looking around. I'm a novice welder in need of the practice, so buying the right one for my uses was a tough choice! R-Tech came up a lot in my search for the right kit, which ultimately made my decision to buy from them. The quality of the unit is superb and the service from them first class. It's always great to find this quality and service, I would recommend them to anybody at any level.
| Perry Latham |
2015-07-24 14:51:57
Can't fault next day delivery, the Tig 161 is a cracking bit of kit, I took advantage of the interest free credit. I need to upgrade my current air compressor, no prizes for the person who guesses who is going to get my business. Would recommend R Tech to anybody looking for good service and quality equipment.
| Jim Smith |
2015-07-24 14:51:55
First time using R-Tech was impressed with the whole experience. I.e. Easy site to use and navigate, good selection of goods at competitive prices, fast delivery and well packaged items.