New 170A AC-DC Digital TIG Welder with PFC and runs on a 13A 240V supply

We are proud to release our latest feature packed professional 170Amp 240V AC/DC Digital Tig Welder.

Featuring PFC (Power Factor Correction) this will run on a 13A 240V supply so you can use anywhere with a domestic 240V supply! 

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New Ultra-Flex Torches supplied with R-Tech AC-DC Tig Welders

We have upgraded our torches that come with the R-Tech AC/DC Tig Welders at no extra cost!

The new Ultra-Flex range of torches feature a flexible head and ultra-flexible cable and sheath as standard.

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New updated how to use a plasma cutter guide

Interested in Plasma Cutting and wondered what it's all about? Then take a look at our updated Plasma Cutting guide - Every metalworker should have one - So much easier than cutting discs and hacksaws - and a lot more fun!

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R-Tech launches new mobile friendly website

We have been working very hard to bring our new mobile friendly website to our customers. It was a big job and we are happy to finally have it live for you. We have been listening to your feedback and we now have a search facility as well !

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New AC-DC Digital TIG Welder with a massive 260amp output on 240V

We are proud to release our latest 260Amp 240V AC/DC Digital Tig Welder, featuring a massive 260Amp output on 240V, Ultra-Flex Tig Torch with flexi head and very flexible torch cable for ultimate comfort when welding, Featuring our new Fan on Demand system which brings the fans on when you start welding to keep your work eviroment quieter. Built for the enthusiast / professional TIG welder.

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Mig Welding Aluminium - Setup guide
John Mills AKA Doubleboost has finished his guide on how to setup an R-Tech Pro-Mig250 for welding aluminium view more»
New product specific review section now
As you all know we have been busy tinkering with our website in last few months to give you a much better, simpler and quicker experience. We have now updated our reviews section to be product specific, this will enable current and future customers to see what you have to say about our products and service. view more»
New TIG320EXT Digital AC/DC Tig Welder
Following the success of our Tig210EXT AC/DC Digital Tig Welder, we are proud to now have our latest 320Amp 415V version available. view more»
New TIG210EXT Digital AC/DC Tig Welder
We are proud to now have our latest 210Amp 240V AC/DC Digital Tig Welder now available. view more»
Finance packages now available

We are please to offer our customers finance packages on all your welding requirements, instant decisions, no paperforms, application quickly carried out on-line, spread the payments and buy the equipment you really want!

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