R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)

R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)

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R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v)

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The PROMIG MIG Welder is an industrial 250 Amp Portable Inverter MIG Welder, 240v input, MMA (Stick) Facility, durable metal feed assy . Ideal for Automotive, Fabrication & Industrial use. Optional spool gun for aluminium welding available, this is a great addition to your workshop.

Technical Specifications


 Amperage Range MIG  30 - 250A
 Input voltage/amps  240v 32A 
 Duty cycle  250A @35% - 200A @60%
 Amperange range MMA   20 - 200A
 Wire reel size  5KG & 15KG
 Wire diameter  0.6mm , 0.8mm, 1.0mm , 1.2mm
 Roller size fitted  0.6mm , 0.8mm, 1.0mm , 1.2mm
 Net weight  17KG  
 Dimensions  280 x 350 x 510 mm
 Euro style torch  Yes - Easy fitment of torch
 LED Display  Yes - Shows acutal welding amps
 Gasless wire  Yes - Easy reversal of polarity for gasless wire 
 Cooling fan  Yes - Cooling fan with thermostatic protection  

  • Generator Friendly - Generator must be minimum of 7KVA and fitted with AVR (auto voltage regulation)
  • Package Includes, R-Tech ProMIG 250-1 MIG Welder, 3M MB25 Air Cooled MIG Torch, Earth Lead, Gas Hose, Mains Cable, Gas Regulator, Owners Manual
  • Want to weld aluminium - Simply fit our optional Spool on Gun system and Argon gas
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Excellent welder. We use it to train students in mig welding as well as building sets for theatre. Great machine, light and easy to move around. Can be depended upon.

A great machine for both fabrication and also light body repair work - a good all rounder.

we will reccomend this product to anybody who asks. we use it for wielding and found the quality very good.

Seems to be well built

Decided to buy a new welder that pack a bit more punch than my old 150amp machine. I started shopping around and prices were more £850 + for a single phase mobile 250amp welder. came by this website, saw they were local ish to me, started watching there video of this welder in action and really like what i was seeing, i have a cebora stag welder which is well very expensive but a brilliant weld, this welder though wow make just as good weld if not better weld from this machine 1/7 of the price and easy to move and transport site to site on repair jobs, couldn't ask for better welder worth every penny, I can't wait to try out ally mig on it. Things that would be nice to improve slightly either number the steps of amps on the dial (easy to make note on wire speed/ amp for jobs ) or put digital read out of what its set like 70a etc instead of when of weld i can't see the out put then on the dial. also a bit more manly earth clamp it reminds me of china plasma cutter earth clamps bit thin and weak, (sadly i manage to melt the earth clamp after a few days of welding 12mm, but not a problem i robbed a big manly clamp off my old oxford arc weld does the job fine) still wouldn't put me off buying another one 10/10 great machine. 1454693400;100002743;RT-PROMIG250-1;R-Tech 250 Amp Industrial Inverter Mig Welder (240v);5;After doing lots of research trying to find the right welder at an affordable price I decided to go with the r-tech 250 amp... and it didn't let me down. It welds well and am loving being able to take it out on jobs with me rather than an arc. I still am waiting on a spark to come an fit a 32 amp socket but I still have great use of it on a normal 240 13 amp socket and its great known it will offer even more at a higher ampage. its welding 3mm plate at approximately 500mm long and box section with ease. Its welding every bit as good as our 3 phase Cebora welders at work. Hopefully this will help some of use researching welders a bit as I know how many hours it can take before you finally make your mind up. 1383091200;6308;RT-WMASK2;R-Tech Automatic Welding Helmet (Speedmaster XL);5;I just wanted to say thanks (especially to ***) for his time and for great service. My welding mask which I bought from yourselves just over 2 years ago suddenly stopped working and he offered me a new one at reduced cost, but most importantly gave me his time, and was very generous with it. I've used R-Tech for a few years now, and the service has always been beyond excellent. My AC TIG welder is still working as well as when I got it. The only other companies who I have experienced who offer a similar level of customer facing service is Axminster power tools and of course the king of service