R-Tech TIG Welder AC/DC 160 Amp 240v


R-Tech TIG Welder AC/DC 160 Amp 240v

The TIG 161 AC/DC 160Amp Inverter TIG Welder features HF microstart, AC squarewave adjustment to 250hz, pulse welding, slope up/down, LED display, high 35% duty cycle and includes a remote foot pedal
Includes a R-Tech Pro remote foot pedal worth £142.80
£749.00 +VAT £898.80 Incl. VAT

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Technical Specifications


 Amperage range DC 10-160A,  AC 20-160A,   MMA 20-130A 
 Duty cycle  TIG 160A 35% - MMA 130A 35% 
 Input voltage/amps  240v 13A  - No load voltage 70v
 LED Display  Shows preset & actual amperage
 AC Frequency  20 - 250 Hz  
 AC Balance  30 - 70 %  
 Pulse amperage  10 - 160A 
 Pulse Width  10 - 90 %  
 Pulse Frequency  AC 0.5 - 25 Hz 
 Post flow gas  0 - 50 seconds  
 Slope up  0 - 5 seconds
 Slope down  0 - 5 seconds
 HF Start  Yes
2T/4T Trigger  Yes - Trigger latching
MMA Arc force  0 - 100 %  
Gross weight  22 KG  
Dimensions  515 x 220W x 395 (mm)  
 Insulation class  IP21S  
 240V Aux output  Yes - 240V output for optional water cooler
 Cooling fan  Yes - Quiet DC Cooling fan with thermostatic protection 
 Max Thickness  5MM Single Pass
 Max Thickness Steel  10MM Multiple Passes


Manuals & Datasheets

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I bought this for home use, mainly for welding general hobby, automotive and agricultural stainless and mild steel items that require greater precision than a MIG can manage. I opted for the ability to weld aluminium too. I know I would have regretted it later if I hadn't done so. The Arc welding option is a handy extra feature. A solid piece of equipment. I've only used it once so far but first impressions are very good. Comes with 1.6mm and 2.4mm collets and tungstens, plus 3 sizes of gas shroud. There is no 3-pin plug included! I was aware of this absence when I ordered, but just emphasising for the benefit of others. The foot pedal gives precise control, and the controls of the front panel have a quality feel about them. The supplied torch is quite large to hold, but its bulk should help dissipate heat. I've only used much lighter weight water cooled torches before, hence this observation. The torch cable is a decent length, but that does make it quite weighty. The mains cable could do with being a bit longer for me. I'm not sure of its exact length, but the one on my MIG welder is about twice as long. The included gas regulator looks like a quality item. Overall I'm very pleased with this purchase.

Using it as a hobbyist , light fabrication on steel and aluminum , I am a fledgling welder , I wanted to avoid the real cheap Chinese stuff that might hold me back and fail early , so spent 3 x what I set out at the beginning. I know its made in China but so is an IPHONE , a peek through the air vents with a torch shows a sensible construction and good quality overall with a sound warranty I expect it to last . Would recommend to other amateurs as a solid machine , I think the professionals will like it too unless they are welding girders ! runs off single phase 240 Volt, the actual power at the torch is incredible I am so impressed, easy arc ignition , and pulsed too that is really neat , very flexible for a hobbyist , the machine is way better than my ability so I expect it to help me learn. Looks capability and solid backup and support make for a great product .


A great bit of kit ***

I bought the welder for mainly home use for building stuff for cars. Im a professional welder but other than college ive only done mig since, and wanted a tig set to do fancier cleaner things. Have to say its a great welder, and very easy to setup for someone new to tig. Very happy with it and would recommend to anyone no matter what welding experience they have.