R-Tech TIG Welder AC/DC 200Amp 240v

R-Tech TIG Welder AC/DC 200Amp 240v

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R-Tech TIG Welder AC/DC 200Amp 240v

£1,149.00 +VAT £1,378.80 Incl. VAT

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£1,149.00 +VAT £1,378.80 Incl. VAT


The TIG 201 AC/DC 200Amp Inverter TIG Welder features patented HF microstart, AC squarewave adjustment to 250hz, pulse welding, slope up/down, LED display and high 60% duty cycle at 200 amps

  • Professional Ultra Flex Torch - Flexible head and ultra flexible cable & sheath
  • Fan-On-Demand fan cooling system for quieter operation
  • 200A output at 60% duty cycle
  • 240V 16A Input required - 160A output requires 13A input
  • Adjustable AC squarewave frequency up to 250hz, allowing greater control of weld pool giving less heat de-formation, quicker travel speed compared to lesser featured TIG welders
  • Suitable for welding all types of steel and alloys ,welds material up to 7mm thickness
  • Microstart HF - improved arc starting and less interference - What is this?Ensures an ultra-clean start to your welds
  • 4-way trigger latching with control of post flow gas, slope up/down
  • Full featured pulse welding AC & DC Modes - to allow greater control of heat into the weld pool resulting in less heat de-formation when compared to lesser featured TIG welders
  • 2 year collect and return UK warranty - What is this?in the unlikely event of machine failure, R-Tech will pay to collect, repair and return the Tig welder to you quickly- No quibble warranty
  • Includes a remote foot pedal worth £178
Technical Specifications


 Amperage range DC 10-200A,  AC 20-200A,   MMA 20-160A 
 Duty cycle  TIG 200A 60% - MMA 160A 60% 
 Input voltage/amps  240v 16A  - No load voltage 70v
 LED Display  Shows preset & actual amperage
 AC Frequency  20 - 250 Hz  
 AC Balance  30 - 70 %  
 Pulse amperage  10 - 200A 
 Pulse Width  10 - 90 %  
 Pulse Frequency  AC 0.5 - 25 Hz 
 Post flow gas  0 - 50 seconds  
 Slope up  0 - 5 seconds
 Slope down  0 - 5 seconds
 HF Start  Yes
 2T/4T Trigger  Yes - Trigger latching
 MMA Arc force  0 - 100 %  
 Gross weight  22 KG  
 Dimensions  515 x 220W x 395 (mm)  
 Insulation class  IP21S  
 240V Aux output  Yes - 240V output for optional water cooler
 Cooling fan  Fan-On-Demand fan cooling system for quieter operation 


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Top bit of kit. Well made,looks fantastic and is fantastic. Easy to use for beginners and a proper bit of kit for the pro.

I would recommend to anybody I know Using welder for my own use

Very rarely had we a problem with R-Tech machines

after getting recomended r tech by a freind, i decided upos getting the 201, as a beginner it is a great machine and i am getting on well. i purchased a shop soiled version but when it turned up i failed to see anything wrong with it, a great service and a great company.

I'll start by saying I'm not a big player, I'm just a hobbyist. Wanting to learn how to TIG weld, I was drawn to the R-Tech 201 through the YouTube reviews posted by Doubleboost. The gentleman there, John, seemed to have nothing but good things to say about the welder and the company. This was a considerable investment for me, but I have to say I couldn't be happier with my decision. The welder is a joy to use, both with stick and TIG. It's handled everything I've thrown at it, even some fairly heavy-duty stick welding, without a hitch. The duty cycle is fantastic. It's not shut down on me once. And, although I haven't the experience to compare it to another machine, it seemed to be incredibly forgiving to a novice like me with TIG, I'm actually getting quite good now. And R-Tech the company. A breath of fresh air. Easy to order, super quick to deliver, and there to help if you need it. There was a minor delay regarding a subsequent delivery, and they were on the phone to apologise and let me know what was happening, before I knew there was a delay. ***, in particular went above and beyond to look after me. Their equipment and service is fantastic, and their company is the sort you wish you could deal with every day.