FREE Foot Pedal Offer

We are giving away a Pro Foot Pedal (worth ?139 EX VAT) with each AC/DC 240v TIG Welder bought from our website. There are three welders in the range and the option of water coolers on each type. This is a strictly limed offer and when it\'s gone it\'s gone so buy now to avoid disappointment.

Foot pedals are a great addition to any TIG Welder, especially where amperage adjustment and control are important. It gives you the flexibility to go from base current to any preset amperage you choose just by moving your foot backwards and forwards. This means that you can tackle complicated or tricky welds without having to stop, put the torch down, adjust the machine then start welding again ? you can seamlessly weld in a continuous run and make adjustments without stopping when you use a foot pedal.

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