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Plasma Cutting - How to Use | R-Tech


  • Do your plasma cutters really produce clean cuts as you state?

    Simply, the honest answer is yes! We specify the genuine clean cut and severance cut, some manufacturers only state maximum cut which is severance cut. 

    Clean cut is exactly as is states, once you have finished your plasma cutting you may be left with some slag at bottom of cut, this will simply break off with a pair of pliers. The cut metal is then ready for use does not require any cleaning up. 

    Severance cut means the maximum cut you will get, you will experience some distortion to the cut face at the bottom on a severance cut. It will be a clean cut to the genuine stated clean cut depth, past that it will be distorted. 

    The cut depths on our R-Tech range of Plasma Cutters are as follows 

    • Plasma 30C, Clean Cut 8mm, Severance Cut 12mm
    • Plasma 50HF, Clean Cut 18mm, Severance Cut 24mm
    • I-CUT100, Clean Cut 32mm, Severance Cut 40mm
  • How does Plasma Cutting compare to Oxy-Acetelyne?

    Plasma cutting has many benefits over oxy-acetelyne cutting 

    • Produces much cleaner cuts with minimal or no cleaning up required after cut

    • It only requires compressed air and a power supply - no more costly gas bottles

    • Our Plasma Cutters are easily manoeuvrable and feature a long metre cutting torch, no more heavy gas bottles to lug around - Health & Safety friendly
  • What is the difference from HF contact start and Pilot Arc start

    All our R-Tech Plasma Cutters feature automatic arc starting - This comes in 2 different styles.

    Contact HF starting as found on our P30C Plasma Cutter, uses HF to jump the gap between the torch tip and workpiece when the trigger is pressed and tip is held on work surface.

    Once the arc has started the HF turns off automatically. This will start on lightly painted and rusty surfaces with ease. If the surface has a very heavy coat of paint, you may need to grind this of if cutting is difficult to start.

    Pilot ARC starting as found on our P50HF Plasma Cutter uses HF to start a pilot arc. A 1-inch blue flame comes from end of torch when trigger is pressed - when this arc touches the workpiece, the machine senses a circuit and then turns on the main cutting power - The pilot arc is very strong and can cut 2mm into steel so this is ideal for starting on very heavyily painted surfaces.

  • I have a P50HF and see you fitted two torches AG60 and LT70 , how do I ensure I order the correct consumables.

    We cuurently supply the LT70 torch with our P50HF Plasma Cutter, previsouly we supplied it with an AG60 torch.

    So how can you tell the difference? The model number is shown on the torch head/handle, if this has come off / worn away use the following.

    AG60 torch has a pink outer ceramic and a silver coloured contact tip and electrode.
    AG60P Plasma Torch Consumables

    LT70 torch has a grey/silver out nozzle and a copper coloured cutting tip and electrode.
    LT70 Plasma Torch Consumables

    See the AG60 Plasma Torch consumables here

    See the LT70 Plasma Torch consumables here