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CNC Plasma Cutting - How to use | R-Tech


  • What ratio do I use for the CNC water table fluid?

    Plasma water table additive to be added to the water. This additive helps to prevent:

    • Bacteria
    • Stagnation of the water
    • Corrosion
    • Dilution rate 1L per 20L of water
    • Only use diluted, DO NOT USE NEAT
  • When cutting thicker metal at end of cut the torch hits slag pile from first pierce

    When CNC Plasma cutting thicker materials it is normal to get some slag build up around the pierced hole.

    To stop the torch from hitting this there are two things we can do.

    1. Create a lead into edge of first cut. (this should be normal prcedure)

    Start the pierce 10 - 15mm from the line you want to cut then move into the cut so when it finishes the cut
    it will not hit the slag from first pierce point.

    2. On very thick materials you can use the R-Tech pierce and stop tool program, this will pierce material then the torch
    will come back up allowing you to remove the slag by hand and then continue with cut process.

    If you need more help please just call our CNC technical department on 01452 733933, for friendly & helpful advice.

  • I need to order CNC plasma torch spares, how do I find the correct consumables?

    On our CNC plasma cutting systems, we use a few different torches.

    The model number of the torch is printed on the side of the head.

    I.E PTM60 , PTM100, TM70 or PM70. Click link below to view consumables

    Any further help required? Call us on 01452 733933

    PTM60 CNC Plasma cutting consumables

    PTM100 CNC Plasma cutting consumables

    PM70 & TM70 CNC Plasma cutting consumables

  • My edge after cut is angled / bevelled a lot, what can I do?

    This can be caused by an out of line CNC plasma torch. Ensure you torch has beed aligned
    using a straight edge to plate to be cut.

    Ensure the torch height controller is turned on in the software / program, if the torch is too far away from work
    when cutting this will cause poor cut. 

    Check the air pressure is correct, too lower / higher pressure than required will affect cut. 

    Check air supply for water, drain compressor and change filter in air dryer.

    Replace torch consumables if worn, replace as a pair (Electrode and Cutting Tip)

  • I am interested in your CNC Plasma Cutting system, Can I have a demonstration?

    Yes! You are welcome to come to our Gloucester premises for a demonstration.

    We have a 4x4 system setup with water table.

    Call us on 01452 733933 or contact us via our Contact Page to book a demonstration.

    Plasma CNC Demonstrations are available 9am - 12am and 2pm to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

  • Do I need a compressed air dryer / filter on my CNC Plasma Cutter?

    All CNC Plasma cutters required clean, dry compressed air, If you have mositure in the compressed air
    this can cause poor cut characteristics, shorten torch consumable lfe and torch head failure in prolonged cases.

    We recommend to fit the AT1000 air dryer to all Plasma Cutters, available via link below.

    Compressed air dryer for CNC Plasma Cutter AT1000