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Fans - Welding Fume Extraction


Where welding fumes, smells or dust occur, the Miniveyor Air vane portable and mobile axial fans can move contaminated air out of the building or confined space. They effectively exhaust welding and cutting fumes, ventilate confined spaces, and increase the flow of fresh air. The VAF fans can also act as blowers, moving clean dry air into a building that has been flooded, moving the damp, humid air out - Great for welding environment safety. 

Built with interlocking ribs, the VAF-200 and VAF-300 fume extraction fans can easily be stacked on top of one another for both storage and operation, giving maximum airflow for minimum floor space, portable and mobile these are ideal for welder bay fume extraction and other fume extraction.



The Miniveyor Air range are tough! The rugged VAF ventilators easily withstand blows without denting, giving less downtime and greater productivity and come with an industry leading 10 year warranty on the body.

The double wall polythene construction protects the inner casing being dented, which is a common cause of traditional fan failure. The double wall fan bodies give extended product lifetime and reduced maintenance costs. Polythene is resistant to the normal knocks and bangs of everyday use that can stop sheet metal fans. Metal often dent which then obstructs the fan blade. Polythene is corrosion free. Once you dent, chip or scratch a sheet metal fan, rust is inevitable. The double wall polythene has permanent high quality exterior finish.

The new 2nd generation designed range includes an improved fastening system for the ducting attachment to the fan, preventing the ducting falling off during use - a tougher duct ring to prevent breakages - an integrated moulded grill to reduce parts and an improved motor mounting to help withstand blows. We are so confident with the new improved designs the VAF range now come with an industry beating 10 year warranty upgrade on the fan body. .

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