Gas Regulators & Flow Meters

We stock a high quality range of single and two-gauge gas regulators for oxygen, argon and acetylene. Each is compatible with various cylinders for different applications. We sell argon and argon/carbon dioxide gas flow meters that fit between your regulator and gas hose to fine tune your flow rate and save on wasted welding gas. We also sell gas bottle regulators with gauges to indicate cylinder contents and pressure.

All these products are available to buy online. And, if you need help choosing the right part, simply give us a call on 01452 733933 for a little expert assistance.

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<b>Family-run</b> British business for 25 years
Family-run British business for 25 years
<b>Money back guarantee</b>
Money back guarantee
<b>0% Finance available</b>
0% Finance available
4.9 / 5 Rating  from 1053 reviews
4.9 / 5 Rating
from 1788 reviews
Family-run  British business Est. 25 years
Family-run British business Est. 25 years

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  1. Argon Regulator

    Code: RT-CR0590-1
    £24.95 +VAT £29.94 Incl. VAT
    High Quality Argon-Co2 Regulator SS 2G... Read more
  2. Mini Gas Regulator

    Code: WA-TWN722120
    £17.65 +VAT £21.18 Incl. VAT
    Mini Gas Regulator for Disposable Bottles... Read more
  3. £4.95 +VAT £5.94 Incl. VAT
    Adaptor kit to convert 3/8 BSP Torch to Male Quick Release... Read more
  4. £68.00 +VAT £81.60 Incl. VAT
    High quality twin stage argon regulator, designed for use where constant pressure and flows are critical.... Read more
  5. Argon Economiser

    Code: WA-MW15210
    £44.95 +VAT £53.94 Incl. VAT
    Argon Economiser... Read more

    Code: WA-MW15220
    £5.74 +VAT £6.89 Incl. VAT
    GAS TEST FLOWMETER... Read more
  7. £4.95 +VAT £5.94 Incl. VAT
    Strong, black, drop-forged spanner with integrated cylinder key and 3/8 jaw for common hose nuts and 5/8 jaw for common regulator nuts... Read more
  8. £3.00 +VAT £3.60 Incl. VAT
  9. Argon Flow Meter

    Code: RT-FM2
    £7.50 +VAT £9.00 Incl. VAT
    Flow Meter for Argon and Argon/C02 welding gas... Read more
  10. £9.95 +VAT £11.94 Incl. VAT
    R-Tech 3M Gas Hose 3/8 BSP Female to 3/8 BSP Female... Read more

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