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Welding and welder procedure approval & certification to BS EN1090, BS.ENISO15614-1:2004 BS EN 287-1-2004, BS 48725 PT 1 1982

Want to get your company fully certified to latest standards simply and quickly?

R-Tech are specialists in quick welding approval & certification

Quality assurance plays an important role in steelwork manufacture and fabrication.

CE Marking for all construction products, covered by a harmonised European standard or conforming to a
 European Technical Assessment became mandatory on 1 July 2013

Under the new EU regulations from July 2014 companies fabricating structural Steel and Aluminium will require
BS EN 1090 in place with the welding regulation EN 3834, this will enable the company to CE mark their own works.

Steel producers deliver high quality stock to their customers who in turn produce a fabricated assembly or structure to a
 designed and engineered drawing.
To ensure the correct composition and method of a finished weld for its intended purpose is correct, a welding procedure currently EN 15614 is required.

The welders fabricating the works will require a qualification to show the ability to work to the company procedure,
 a witnessed test by an independent body is required to the obtain EN 2871 certification.

Depending on the execution class your works comply too, a procedure may not be required. A competency
 qualification welder approval, BS 4872 Pt. 1 1982 may be used.

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We will guide you through all required processes to enable quick approval with
minimal downtime to your company and staff.

To correctly qualify your procedures and welder qualifications, you will require a welding power source that's fitted with digital meters and within its 12 month calibration. These provide the required information i.e. Amps, Volts and wire feed speed, this data is used as fixed norms for future works and to calculate the heat inputs.

If your company doesn't have this facility we can arrange to have a machine with preset data to be sent to site for your use on the day of testing.

Listed are options you will require for your joint configurations.

Welder approvals to BS.EN.287-1-2004

Plate fillet welds (t=>5mm by fracture)
Sheet fillet welds(t=<5mm by macro)
Plate butt welds (MMA,Tig FCAW)
Plate butt welds (MIG/MAG, Oxy-Acet)inc bends)
Branch welds/Fillet welds in Pipe
Pipe Butt Welds
=< 21.34mm O/D (3 test pieces req’d)
25mm-42mm O/D (2 test pieces req’d)
>42mm -219.1mm O/D (1 test piece req’d)


Welding Procedure Approvals to BS.EN.ISO15614-1:2004

Plate/Sheet/Pipe Fillet Welds
Plate Butt Welds
Branch Welds
Pipe Weld Butts =< 21.34mmOD (3 Test pieces)
26mm-42mm OD (2 Test pieces)
=>48mm0d – 219mm)OD(1 Test Piece)



Welder Approval to BS 4872 Pt 1 1982

Butt welds in Plate /Sheet/ Pipe
Fillet welds in Plate sheet pipe