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Welding torches, air and water cooled - setup videos

Torches air and water cooled 

Setting up your welding torch and need help, the videos on this page will help you setup your MIG and TIG torches

MIG welding torches come in air cooled types as below

MB15 for welding up to 150 amps
MB25 for welding up to 250 amps
MB36 for welding up to 360 amps

MIG water cooled torches come in MB501 type.

MIG torches are avaialbel in 3,4 & 5M lengths.

TIG Torches come in air cooled types as below.

WP9 - suitable for light welding work.
WP17 and WP26 for medium welding work

For high amperage TIG welding the most commom are

WP18 and WP20, with the WP20 being smaller in hand

How to setup your WP17/26 TIG Torch

How to replace MIG torch liner

How to setup water cooler on TIG

TIG torch consumables by Doubleboost