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R-Tech Welding machines and plasma cutters in use

We have long been recognised as being a leading supplier of Welding Equipment to schools, colleges and universities and are approved suppliers to a growing number of educational authorities. However, it is always gratifying to know that what we do has a positive impact on the educational development of young people and learning how our machines are being used in the real world

We have recently got some great feedback from one of the colleges we supply in Wales about how two students have been busy learning and creating under the guidance of their tutor, Aled.

He had some very encouraging words to say about using our welders and cutters:

"Wynston's Dragon started out it's life as a sheet of 2mm Mild steel plate, Plasma cut and welded on the Plasma 40HF and IMIG 200.  Dewi's sheep skeleton was again cut on the Plasma 40HF from recycled scrap sheet and welded on the other IMIG 200.  Not bad for a couple of 15 year olds?  Both were made well within their 10 hour controlled assignment and both students having very little welding experience before hand found the machines very user friendly and were producing good quality welds very quickly indeed, I wish I could learn new skills as quick as these guys!"

R-Tech and Rob Austin Motorsport R-Tech and Rob Austin Motorsport "I've now equipped two school workshops with R-Tech equipment and couldn't be happier, the machines work faultlessly.
Even though my machines aren't worked as hard as they might in an industrial environment, they're used daily, and as you could imagine, a bunch of 14-18 year old students (mostly boys) aren't the most careful of users by any stretch of the imagination!  When I started I thought the Lorch was the jewel in the crown, but a couple of years down the line I find myself using one of the IMIG200 MIG Welders more often than the Lorch, that must say something!  I often get asked what welding plant we use at school, and I'm quite proud to say that it's almost exclusively R-Tech kit."

Do you have pictures of your own or a story to pass on about using our equipment? If you have then we would love to hear from you. Get in touch by clicking here to email us at: