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Welding Equipment Customer Reviews

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One of our latest customer comments...

I’ve been a welder fabricator for approx 25 years using MIG and ARC welding on a daily basis, I had limited DC TIG experience with stainless steel but zero experience with AC TIG on aluminium.
I spoke to joe on the phone about my requirements and he recommended the 210 digital machine, he was very knowledgeable and suggested I came down for a demo. On the day we came down he was very polite, patient with my many questions and able to demonstrate the machine perfectly. He had me and my dad welding aluminium to a surprisingly high standard in no time and I was very impressed with the capabilities of the machine which I purchased straight afterwards. Joe was able to suggest some accessories we would benefit from which we bought as well.
Whilst we were waiting in the shop another customer came in having problems with his machine and I was able to witness your after sales in action. It was clear that the customer had an incorrect set up with his machine but a member of your staff was patient and courteous, checked the machine anyway and then recommended a better set up all free of charge.
I’m now an r tech customer for life, if any of my other machines fail or wear out I’ll be replacing with r tech. Tom

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