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DC TIG Welders, Digital TFT with Easy-Set Technology

DC TIG Welders with Easy-Setup and advanced features.

  • EASY SETUP MODES - Professional weld settings built in - Get great results
  • DC settings from 0.8 to 6mm
  • 4" HD Screen
  • Simple to use - Easy navigation - no complicated menus - All settings on single screen
  • DC Pulse - up to 500Hz
  • DC Pulse frequency and amp %
  • Full control of all DC weld parameters, Pre-flow Gas, Start Amps, Slope up time, Main amps, Slope down time, End amps and post flow gas
  • Low amps starting 2A DC
  • SPOT and TACK weld modes with stitch (repeat) function
  • 4TS Trigger mode - Ideal for pipe welding, switch from start to main amps by tapping the torch switch

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