New 250Amp Single Phase TIG launched

Boasting a massive 250 Amps of welding power the TIG251 is the highest amperage single-phase TIG available in the UK today.This incredible new machine is the flagship model in our already popular and respected range of single-phase TIG Welders.

Now featuring pulse welding technology in both AC and DC modes you can now allow for far greater control of heat into the weld pool which will result in less heat deformation when compared to lesser featured TIG welders. It?s a similar story with the adjustable squarewave frequency (up to 250Hz) feature ? less deformation, quicker travel speed etc..

One of the most solid and robust features of the R-Tech TIG251 is the use of German manufactured Infineon Power Modules (IGBT). Thanks to these inverter modules the physical size of the TIG251 is vastly reduced when compared to older technology welders. The resulting high duty cycle (60%) make the TIG251 an industry leader.

With a ?one box? solution we can provide everything you need to start quality TIG welding. All you need to add is a bottle of pure argon gas, a 240v electricity supply and a quantity of filler rods, which we are also happy to supply!

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