Posted on October 20, 2010 by admin

Plasma Cutter demonstration video

We have just uploaded our first new demonstration video on our feature-packed Plasma 40HF Plasma Cutter. The video shows just how easy it is to set up the machine using only a supply of compressed air. You really can set this machine up in no time at all. Plasma cutters are no longer a dark-art and are reliable and able to tackle jobs in a fraction of the time that the Oxy-Acetylene process used to take. If you are in the business of cutting metal then a plasma cutter is the only serious choice for you.

We take you through all the kinds of cuts you are likely to do including aluminum, stainless steel and several thicknesses of mild steel ? including a clean cut on 15mm. This demonstration video also shows how easy it is to produce great clean cuts and the quality of finish that this plasma cutter produces. If you can hold a torch then you can use a plasma cutter successfully and efficiently, time after time. Our 40 Amp cutter also has long life consumables priced reasonable and available from our online store plus a two year in-house warranty and next day delivery.

To see the video click here