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Mig Welding - How to Mig Weld | R-Tech


  • I am new to Mig Welding, how can you help me?

    If you are new to MIG welding we can help you learn and select the right MIG welder for you.

    We have a range of MIG welders that have features that make MIG welding easy, even for the novice welder

    We have MIG Welding video reviews and MIG Welding Aluminum videos for you to watch

    Our "Guide to MIG welding" on our site,  this guide explains all the terms used in this type of welding, contains photographs and offers plenty of advice for novice welders.

    This MIG Welding FAQ section will also provide useful information.

    Or if you prefer just call us on 01452 733933 and one of our friendly knowledgeable staff will assist you.

  • Why is a Euro MIG torch superior to a fixed torch?

    We fit Euro style torches on all of our MIG welder range.

    These have many benefits over machines with a fixed torch as found on more basic / DIY machines.

    Consistent wire feed speed giving a more uniform weld - less restrictive

    Easy fitment if torch becomes damaged - for fixed torches you may have to go inside machine 

    Easier to change liners if they become worn

    Better feel in the hand, Euro torches are generally better quality.

  • What is the benefit of your metal wire feed units compared to plastic ones?

    We use metal feed assemblies on all our MIG welders. Plastic units are generally found on the cheaper DIY end of the market.

    These give a much longer life span than plastic ones which wear out quickly and can struggle to give good consistent wire feed from new.

    Metals feed units give very consistent wire feed speed which results in a lovely uniform weld, poor feed = poor weld.

    All our feed units have reversable rollers to suit 2 sizes of wire, our MIG180 for example comes with a 0.6mm & .8mm roller so you can weld very thin material and thick material bu just turning the roller around.

  • What are Inverter MIG welders and their benefits?

    Our Inverter MIG welders use the latest Siemens IGBT technology which gives the benefits below compared to traditional transformer MIG Welders.

    Lightweight and portable  - No heavy transformers

    Fine control of welding power, with infinite control you can adjust weld power in very small increments, on step transformer welders, a power setting of 3 may be too low but 4 is too high

    Lower starting amps, our inverters weld from as low as 25amps making it easier to weld very thin metal, even for the novice

    Lower splatter and smoother arc due to the inverters cleaner and smooth DC power output.

    More efficient and cheaper to run, An inverter uses silicon technology which increases the internal frequency allowing higher output amperage on lower amperage inputs.

  • I want to MIG weld aluminium but I need more information.

    Using a MIG welder to weld aluminium requires a basic knowledge of how the metal reacts when heated as well as some additional parts for your machine.

    Aluminium conducts heat much faster than steel so welding needs to be done quickly and accurately. We have a page you can read on the properties and characteristics of aluminium in the MIG welding process. Please see our Aluminium Welding Information page for more details.

    Our portable inverter MIG180 and MIG250 MIG welders can be used with our optional MIG spool on gun. This is a welding torch with a motor and small spool holder fitted to torch. This allows you weld aluminium with a MIG much easier than the standard 3M torch. Aluminium wire is very soft so with a spool on gun the wire only has a very short distance to travel before coming out the end of the torch. This stops the annoying wire breaks and snarling of wire.

    For our industrial MIG welders you will require some additional parts for your MIG welder in order to weld alloys. You will need to fit a Teflon liner to your torch and also a set of alloy rollers. These have a different shaped groove to allow the aluminium MIG wire to feed through the torch correctly. This setup does work but can be troublesome if not set 100% correctly - We would suggest a push pull gun when the torch has motor and rollers that pull the wire that is pushed by the drive rollers in machine, this keeps tension in the wire and stops it breaking / snarling.

    If you would like more information on MIG welding aluminium please call us today on 01452 733933 and we will happily help you with your own particular application.

  • What is the benefit of ARC FORCE on your inverter mig welders?

    Some of our R-Tech inverter Mig Welders feature 'Arc Force' 

    This is also known as 'choke' on traditional mig welding machines. On many hign end mig welders you have 2-3 sockets for the earth to plug into. The low setting better for thinner materials and gives a smoother arc, where as the high setting is better for thicker materials (more penetration) and the arc is harsher and can give more splatter. 

    The Arc force on our machines works in the same way but can be adjusted electronically from zero to ten infinitely, this allows you to fine tune the weld arc characteristics to the thickness of metal you are welding. 

    With adjustable arc-force, infinate control of wire speed and welding power, you can really fine tune our inverter mig welders to give you the most smoothest weld ever.

  • What is the benefit of a 4 roll wire feed system on industrial MIG welders?

    We fit a 4-Roll geared wire feed drive assy to the following Mig Welders 

    R-Tech C-Mig315 Mig Welder

    R-Tech Mig450 Mig Welder 

    The benefit of a 4-roll system over a 2-roll system is you achieve a smoother and very consitent feed of the mig wire, especially when using longer 4 or 5 metre torches.

    4-Roll systems are more industrial and most manufacturers only fit to thier top end models. 

    We also use heavy duty wire feed motors which offer greater reliability and long life when compared to the smaller feed motors our competitors use. 

    The feed drive plate which houses the motor and rollers is made from metal which also add's to the durability and reliabilty compared to the plastic feed assy's you see on a lot of mig welders today.