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MAC MidiPRO Plus - Fixture Welding Weld Trolley Set 1250 X 750mm

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MAC MidiPRO Plus - Fixture Welding Weld Trolley Set 1250 X 750mm
MAC MidiPRO Plus - Fixture Welding Weld Trolley Set 1250 X 750mm
MAC MidiPRO Plus - Fixture Welding Weld Trolley Set 1250 X 750mm
This is really a PRO table just with a smaller side skirt, Just as true and strong as the PRO but with 100mm side skirts and rib subframe and had the option of being extend. Various sizes available and lighter on the wallet.
Unlike other imports and cheap constructions we design superior sub-frame cross bracing as this is the most critical part of the table to ensure a truly flat and accurate fabrication table. We design, test and manufacture everything in house and the UK to maintain a high quality of control.
All MAC tables and tool include the industry standard 16mm hole pattern (50mm hole centres) to work with all industry fixture 16D tooling.
MAC only use Hot Rolled, Pickled and Oiled S275 structural mild steel. What this means is just after the production the sheet steel is run through an acid bath (Pickling) to remove any impurities, rust and mill scale from the surfaces of the steel. This leaves the sheet raw and unprotected so a light coving of oil is used to protect it.

Mac Industries MidiPRO Plus Table Key Features:
  • All Mac Industries “MidiPRO” Fixture Welding tables come with a 100mm fixture skirt/sides with 16mm holes at 100mm centres. (2x holes deep)
  • Engineered in house with our Mac waved key and slots interlock
  • 16mm securing hole 100mm apart on centres to work with all 16mm tooling and tables
  • Super strong Interlocking sub-frame every 4/5 holes spacing
  • ALL parts from 6mm thick S275 HRPO structural grade mild steel
  • We are very proud to guarantee a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm of all our laser cutting.
  • 16mm holes on 100mm centres work with industry standard 16mm & 5/8" tools. Optional threaded holes and other sizes available.
  • Using our large range of welding table tooling, squares, stops, blocks and more, you can adapt the size and shape of your welding fixture table to suit your fabrication needs.
  • Foot Master Type Leveling Castor feet.
  • Design, Manufactured in the UK
  • New MidiPRO PRO 1250x750 Fixture Weld Trolley 16D 100mm Centres
  • 4x Strong Folded Constructed Powdercoated Legs
  • 2x Shelves Powdercoated textured black
  • 4x FM type Castors
  • All Fixtures and fittings supplied and legs will require assembles by yourself
  • Build option is only for the Fixture Table top
  • Overall Height 900mm inc castors

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