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Mac Hobby - Modular Fixture Welding Table - 1200 x 800mm

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Mac Hobby - Modular Fixture Welding Table - 1200 x 800mm
Mac Hobby - Modular Fixture Welding Table - 1200 x 800mm
Mac Hobby - Modular Fixture Welding Table - 1200 x 800mm
The perfect table for the hobbyist & beginners to join us in the world of fixture table fabrication. All parts are 6mm HRPO S275 Steel which when assembled correctly you have a truly flat and accurate surface.

Unlike other imports and cheap constructions we design superior sub-frame cross bracing as this is the most critical part of the fixture table to ensure a truly flat and accurate surface. We design, test and manufacture everything in house and the UK to maintain a high quality of control.

All of our tables and tooling include the industry standard 16mm hole pattern (50mm hole centres) this works with all industry fixture 16D tooling. You can also have your table with treaded or 28mm holes.

We only use Hot Rolled, Pickled and Oiled S275 structural mild steel. What this means is just after the production the sheet steel is run through an acid bath (Pickling) to remove any impurities, rust and mill scale from the surfaces of the steel. This leaves the sheet raw and unprotected so a light coving of oil is used to protect it. Using HRPO is nicer for our fibre laser cutter as the laser doesn’t need to cut through mill scale and impurities which can eventually affect the accuracy of the laser cutter therefore using HPRO Steel gives you precision cut parts which in our opinion they looks more awesome than the dreaded mill scale.

Hobby Build Options

Self-Build: Delivered flat packed for yourself to assemble and weld up

Ready Made: We will assemble, weld and quality check your item. so soon receiving your table you can get fabricating something awesome!

Leg Kit Detail : 50x50 legs / No bracing – Mild steel

Castors Detail: 700kg RED 100mm castors (2no. Braked, 2no. un-braked)
  • Engineered in house with our Mac waved tab and slots interlock
  • 16mm securing hole 50mm apart on centres to work with all 16mm tooling and tables
  • Super strong Interlocking sub-frame every 4/5 holes spacing
  • ALL parts from 6mm thick S275 HRPO structural grade mild steel
  • We are very proud to guarantee a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm of all our laser cutting.
  • 16mm holes on 50mm centres work with industry standard 16mm & 5/8" tools. Optional threaded holes and 28mm available.
  • Using our large range of welding table tooling, squares, stops, blocks and more, you can adapt the size and shape of your welding fixture table to suit your fabrication needs.
  • 700kg 100mm RED Castors 2no. Braked 2no. Un-braked
  • Design, Manufactured in the UK

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