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Dom Sweet

Sales Advisor

Best thing about working for R-Tech

No job in the company is below anybody's pay grade and everyone mucks in

My unique contribution

I have spent time in customer service, sales and the building trade gaining valuable skills that are useful to my current position

Listens to...

Pop Punk & Hip Hop

Loves to eat and drink...

Lasagna & a beer!

Favourite sport

UFC, Boxing & Moto GP

Favourite book or film

Anything with Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell

After hours…

I have been a drummer since the age of 9 so I like to have a session on my drums whenever I can!

My favourite animal

Either monkeys or dogs

The welding project I’d most like to be involved with

Something to do with Moto GP or Motocross

Tell us something that people might not know about you already…

I am a quarter Cypriot

Business philosophy...

Always ensure you provide the best possible service

Top tip for R-Tech customers

The aftersales service is 100% the best in the business. A lot of companies will offer warranty and bare bones aftersales whereas R-Tech always go the extra mile to ensure you are never left without.

Why buy from us?

Always do your research before purchasing a machine but if you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact us!