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Daz Higgs

Operations Manager

Best thing about working for R-Tech

The opportunity to provide the best service and technical support on the market.

My unique contribution

Long experience with the R-Tech team; extensive experience as a customer in industry – working in electronics and on-site installation engineering and using technical support; a passion for delivering the same service level to everyone – whether they spend £30 or £30k.

Listens to...

Late 80s and 90s house, electronica, great indie music but absolutely no 1950s Rock & Roll from Elvis or anyone else!

Loves to eat...

A really good burger or homemade lasagne.

Favourite sport

Rugby or motor sport; there’s nothing else in my book.

After hours…

Time with family, attending motor sport events when I can and supporting England at Twickenham.

Not many people know...

I refuse to read on a Kindle; my favourite book is The Lord of The Rings

The welding project I’d most like to be involved with

RMS Titanic. If she’d been welded instead of riveted, history could have been so different…

Business philosophy...

Treat everyone the same, regardless of size or budget.

Top tip for R-Tech customers

With welding, don’t run before you can walk; get the basics right.

Why buy from us?

From experience as a consumer and supplier, you can’t get better value for your welding equipment budget.