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Ben Wiltshire

Ben Wiltshire

Workshop Engineer

Best thing about working for R-Tech

I love the products, the team’s enthusiasm, cars and the built environment that relies on good welding; and the variety.

My unique contribution

Diverse technical and commercial experience; customer facing skills; a passion for doing the best I can for customers every day.

Listens to...

1990’s electronica; Orbital, Chemical Brothers and Massive Attack

Loves to eat...

Everything! Especially pork scratchings and anything with bacon.

Favourite sport

Rugby – England and Gloucester

After hours…

Time with my family; tinkering with my old minis.

Not many people know...

I once completed a ’10 into Ben’ challenge: 10 Crème Eggs; 10 Mars Bars; and 10 pints – none stop!

The welding project I’d most like to be involved with

Clifton Suspension Bridge, classic stationary steam engines, or a giant metal garden sculpture.

Business philosophy...

Present everything to a high standard. Appearances matter, so my obsessive attention to detail really helps.

Top tip for R-Tech customers

Keep practising to refine your welding skills.

Why buy from us?

Robust quality products for tough real-world environments; painstaking pre-delivery testing and brilliant service.