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Ben Steger

Ben Steger

Senior engineer & Digial content creator

Best thing about working for R-Tech

A tight-knit team that successfully balances informality and professionalism. We’re family and friends as well as just workmates.

My unique contribution

Long experience at R-Tech. I know lots of ins and outs because I’ve done lots of different jobs here. If people need answers they often come to me. I can weld too – I often demonstrate TIG.

Listens to...

Rock, Indie pop and hip-hop.

Loves to eat...


Favourite sport

Fishing and five-a-side football; I’ve supported Man United since living there.

After hours…

Coarse fishing; photography and videography

Not many people know...

I once caught a 53 pound and a 43 pound carp within two hours in France; I couldn’t sleep for excitement, so I sat up all night and watched the sunrise…

The welding project I’d most like to be involved with

Underwater welding fascinates me, so maybe an oil rig or two…

Business philosophy...

Go the extra mile for customers.

Top tip for R-Tech customers

Practice, practise, practise! And remember that we’re only a call away if you need help.

Why buy from us?

Support and value for money.