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Arran Hale

Sales Advisor, Marketing & Training administrator

Best thing about working for R-Tech

Working with such an amazing team.

My unique contribution

Breadth and depth of B2B sales and Customer Support experience.

Listens to...

Radio 1 Newsbeat; Heart for local news; Anything from Rock to relaxing piano music.

Loves to eat...

Italian, especially Pizza Diavolo. I have Italian family so I have been fortunate enough to eat some of the fantastic food available around the Amalfi Coast.

Favourite sport

Boxing, particularly the old fights; Ali, Fraser etc

After hours…

Carp fishing and running a fast-growing carp fishing Facebook page.

Not many people know...

I once hosted a charity beauty pageant in Cardiff for an anti-bully charity.

The welding project I’d most like to be involved with

New York’s Rockefeller Center -the building where the famous picture shows workers eating lunch hundreds of feet above Manhattan.

Business philosophy...

To fulfil the customer’s needs and expectations.

Top tip for R-Tech customers

Build your skills steadily, but don’t be afraid to experiment.

Why buy from us?

Why wouldn’t you with such great value and customer support?