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Edward Foster

I.T, Website & Marketing

Best thing about working for R-Tech

Every day’s different. It’s a nice company to work for. Everyone makes an impact while supporting customers.

My unique contribution

Sales and customer service skills with brands including BMW; IT experience building PCs and creating websites.

Listens to...

Drum & Bass at the gym; Jack Johnson for chilling out.

Loves to eat...


Favourite sport

I used to play football, but don’t have a favourite team.

After hours…

Playing guitar and piano; going to the gym; online gaming; anything to do with cars.

Not many people know...

I know what the Hofmeister kink is and I play World of Warcraft…

The welding project I’d most like to be involved with

BMW’s iconic Karl Schwanzer-designed vier-zylinder headquarters in Munich.

Business philosophy...

Be the hardest worker in the room. Know everything about everything. Get the job done and keep customers happy..

Top tip for R-Tech customers

Buy the best equipment that you can afford so you can grow into your welder.

Why buy from us?

You’re buying great equipment from people who care about what you need and won’t over sell.