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  • Posted on January 25, 2018 by admin

    New Combat Robot from Robo-Challenge Team "Spectre" for King of Bots, China Challenge.

    Robo Challenge
    , builders of the new house robots for Robot Wars using R-Tech Welders have built a robot to compete over in China's King of Bots series. Here is the first of their behind the scene's video of the journey. We look forward to seeing more of the build and the engineering that goes into making this battle robot.

    King Of Bots continues today in China. Over the course of the competition we hope to bring you this little documentary series charting the build from the first clicks in CAD to the very first fight and all the fun in between. If you like engineering, robots, and tight deadlines this is the mini-series for you!

  • Posted on February 2, 2017 by admin

    MIG Welding Charts Now Available

    Need to know how to set up your R-Tech MIG welder for different materials and thicknesses?

    We are here to help on the phone as always, however the office isn't always open. So we have created MIG Welding Charts to assist you in setting up your MIG welder and have added them to our MIG owners manuals.

    These are now available individually as a printable PDF for:

    or you can download the full manuals via our Download Machine Owners Manuals page for your convenience. We hope that you will find these an invaluable tool.

  • Posted on December 7, 2016 by admin

    R-Tech Welding Equipment Meets Robo Challenge

    net-and-ben-with-house-robotsRobo Challenge invited us to come and meet the team and the house robots ahead of filming for the second series of Robot Wars. We spent the morning chatting with the Robo Challenge team and having a look around their workshop.

    The family run company is based in Birmingham and make one-off creations for a number of media clients. Recent projects include a working replica of a gun from ‘Titanfall 2’ video game and a full size Mack (robot dog) from the game ReCore. Robo Challenge use a range of technologies during the build including robotics, welding, plasma cutting and 3D printing. There were over 1,000 hours of 3D printing to make Mack!

    The BBC asked Robo Challenge to create the house robots for the re-launch of Robot Wars which aired earlier this year. Robo Challenge also designed the new battle arena to accommodate the new bigger, badder robots.

    Robo Challenge and a number of the teams that compete in the Wars use R-Tech Welding TIG’s, MIG’s and plasma cutters to create their robots.

    sir-killalot-head-and-tig210 Sir Killalot with the R-Tech TIG210EXT that helped to create him

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  • Posted on July 14, 2016 by admin

    R-Tech Welding Interview Robo Challenge about House Robots for new Robot Wars Series

    R-Tech Welding caught up with Robo Challenge to discuss the building of the updated house robots for the up-coming new series of Robot Wars. Robo Challenge purchased an R-Tech MIG180, MIG250 and TIG210EXT to construct these huge robots.

    Q - It has been 12 years since the last series of Robot Wars was filmed. What upgrades have you given the house robots to keep up with the changes in technology?

    In the last 12 years, technology and materials have improved significantly. These include ultra-lightweight and powerful Lithium Polymer batteries giving increased performance and more spare weight to dedicate to weapons and armour. Motor technology has improved significantly in the recent years with small lightweight and powerful brush-less motors, these can be up to 10x lighter than older brushed motor technology.

    With this in mind we knew the House Robots needed more drive power, more weapon power, more armour and also a lot more weight behind them. The drive on Matilda and Shunt are around 12x the power of their predecessors.

    Shunts axe is immensely more powerful than it used to be, running at higher CO2 pressures and a much larger weapon overall. Every single element of each robot has been improved to take on the ever increasing power of the competitors.


    Q - How did Robo Challenge get involved with Robot Wars?

    Robo Challenge are contacted regularly with regards to creative engineering projects for TV shows and PR campaigns. Our reputation of high quality work, fast turn arounds and friendly family run business means we are the go-to company for a lot of exciting projects such as this.

    Q - What metals are the robots made from?

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  • Posted on June 15, 2016 by admin

    New R-Tech Mig Welder 450A Inverter With MMA & DC Tig - 415V

    We are pleased to announce the launch of our newest MIG welder into the R-Tech range of machines.

    The MTS450SWF Inverter MIG, MMA & DC TIG welder features a high 60% duty cycle, separate wire feed unit with 15KG reel capacity, heavy duty trolley and MIG wave adjustment for fine control of welding arc. Ideal for maintenance, automotive and heavy fabrication welding.

    The MTS450 MTS450STW-OPThas a separate 4-Roll geared wire feed unit which provides a consistent weld bead. It also provides very smooth low splatter welds on all steels and aluminium due to its inverter technology.

    It will weld from as low as 40 Amps in MIG mode all the way up to 450 Amps, and then from 20 Amps to 450 Amps in TIG DC mode making it extremely versatile.

    The  R-Tech MTS450SWF MIG-TIG-ARC Welder comes as a complete package with a 3M MB36 Air Cooled MIG Torch, an earth lead, an MMA lead, a gas hose, mains cable, a gas regulator and a torch consumables kit.

    For more information please click the link below:

    R-Tech MTS450SWF MIG-TIG-ARC Welder

  • Posted on April 19, 2016 by admin

    LaSquare Combination Square - Wide Faced - Wider is Better!!

    R-Tech is proud to announce that we are now the sole UK distributor of the 'LaSquare' Wide based combination square. With the options of a 12'' or 24'' stainless steel rule available. Our friend John aka Doubleboost has reviewed this product for us.


    The LaSquare Combination Wide Faced Square can be purchased in 12'' or 24'' rule length.


  • Posted on March 20, 2014 by admin

    Mig Welding Aluminium - Setup guide

    This video shows how to setup an R-Tech Mig Welder for welding aluminium, using a Teflon line and U-Groove roller and 1.0 and 1.2mm 5356 alloy wire.

    View this video in our welding video section by clicking on link below and scrolling down to Pro-Mig250 and review part 8

    Aluminium Mig Welding setup guide

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