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I need to MIG weld aluminium but I need some help
Using a MIG welder to weld aluminium requires a basic knowledge of how the metal reacts when heated as well as some additional parts for your machine.

Aluminium conducts heat much faster than steel so welding needs to be done quickly and accurately. We have a page you can read on the properties and characteristics of aluminium in the MIG welding process. Please see our Aluminium Welding Information page for more details.

You may require some additional parts for your MIG welder in order to weld alloys. You will need to fit a Teflon liner to your torch and also a set of alloy rollers. These have a different shaped groove to allow the aluminium MIG wire to feed through the torch correctly.

If you would like more information on our range of rollers, liners and MIG wire please call us today on 01452 733933 and we will happily help you with your own particular application.