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Do your plasma cutters really produce clean cuts as you state?
Simply, the honest answer is yes! We specify the genuine clean cut and severance cut, some manufacturers only state maximum cut which is severance cut.

Clean cut is exactly as is states, once you have finished your plasma cutting you may be left with some slag at bottom of cut, this will simply break off with a pair of pliers. The cut metal is then ready for use does not require any cleaning up.

Severance cut means the maximum cut you will get, you will experience some distortion to the cut face at the bottom on a severance cut. It will be a clean cut to the genuine stated clean cut depth, past that it will be distorted.

The cut depths on our R-Tech range of Plasma Cutters are as follows

  • Plasma 40HF Clean Cut-12mm Severance Cut-16mm
  • Plasma 60HF Clean Cut-17mm Severance Cut-25mm
  • Plasma 80HF Clean Cut-22mm Severance Cut-32mm
  • Plasma 100HF Clean Cut-26mm Severance Cut-35mm