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What is an Inverter Welder and what are the benefits?
Inverter welders use new silicon based technology to produce their welding power compared to older style welders that use heavy copper/aluminium transformers and rectifiers.

  • Inverters use much smaller transformers, so they are a lot smaller, lighter and more portable.


  • Inverters use a lot less input power to get the same output power than the older transformer type machines, so they consume a lot less electricity and therefore are greener to run.


  • Because Inverters output power is controlled electronically, you have infinite power adjustment from 0 - 100% so you can really fine tune these to you needs. On MIG welders sometimes setting 2 is not enough power, but setting 3 is too much. You won't get this problem with infinite power control.

Aren't inverter welders unrealiable?

  • No. When inverter welders first came out many years ago, like any new technology they did have their problems. Nowadays inverter technology is very reliable, cost effective and has many benefits over traditional welders.

    At R-Tech we use ultra-reliable Eupec Infineon IGBT Power Modules and power produced by American/German companies which are ultra reliable and allow us produce high duty cycle welding equipment. To learn more about our power modules and to read more about why we use them please see the information page on Inverter Welders