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What is the benefit of ARC FORCE on your inverter mig welders?
All our R-Tech inverter Mig Welders feature 'Arc Force'

This is also known as 'choke' on traditional mig welding machines. On many mig welders you have 2-3 sockets for the earth to plug into. The low setting better for thinner materials and gives a smoother arc, where as the high setting is better for thicker materials (more penetration) and the arc is harsher and can give more splatter.

The Arc force on our machines works in the same way but can be adjusted electronically from zero to ten infinitely, this allows you to fine tune the weld arc characteristics to the thickness of metal you are welding.

With adjustable arc-force, infinate control of wire speed and welding power, you can really fine tune our inverter mig welders to give you the most smoothest weld ever.