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What are the benefits of a water cooled tig welder
A water cooled tig welder has 2 main benefits

1: It allows you to use a lightweight torch at high amperages especailly suited for production tig welding. You can tig weld with an air cooled torch at high amperages but the torches are quite bulky and heavy for the operator.

2: An air cooled tig torch can get quite hot and become uncomfortable for the operator, a water cooled torch runs a lot cooler therefore is much more conformtable for the operator.

A water cooled tig welding system comprises of the tig welder power source and a separate water cooler unit which gets its power direct from auxillary power socket on rear of Tig Welder. So when you turn on the tig welder the water cooler comes on automatically. This stops nuisance torch burn outs when the water cooler is powered from a separate 13A plug and the user forgets to turn it on with the tig welder.

There are many different tig torches to suit different applications, if you unsure what torch/system you require please give us a call and we can advise you what is best for you job.