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What is the benefit of a 4-roll geared wire feed system?
We fit a 4-Roll geared wire feed drive assy to the following Mig Welders
R-Tech I-Mig200 Mig Welder
R-Tech C-Mig315 Mig Welder
R-Tech I-Mig450 Mig Welder

The benefit of a 4-roll system over a 2-roll system is you achieve a much smoother and reliable feed of the mig wire. 4-Roll systems are more industrial and most manufacturers only fit to thier top end models, at R-tech we use them wherever possible.

We also use heavy duty wire feed motors which offer greater reliability and long life when compared to the smaller feed motors our competitors use.

The feed drive plate which houses the motor and rollers is made from metal which also add's to the durability and reliabilty compared to the plastic feed assy's you see on a lot of mig welders today.