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Welding Safety: The Essential Guide

At R-Tech Welding safety is something we are passionate about. We know the dangers involved in welding, and how to prevent them.

That’s why we created this free safety guide that every welder should read. We have collected the very best welding safety resources from around the web and listed them all in this guide.

Whether you are a metal fabricator, a blacksmith or a classic car restorer, this is essential reading. Below you can find UK and US resources for all types of welding and categories for specific types. So read on and stay safe...

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All Welding Types

All Welding Types

There are some fantastic resources here that cover all welding types for welders of all kinds in the UK, US, and elsewhere. Some of this information from the HSE and OSHA is must-read stuff to make sure you stay safe.

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Arc welding, also known as MMA and stick welding is practiced worldwide, so we found the very best links from around the net to keep you safe when you're at work. Below you can find information about accident prevention, fume control and more.

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MIG and TIG welding are two of the most popular welding techniques, so we were able to include a good selection of resources that are all essential reading, from safety precautions to first aid kit suggestions.

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Plasma Cutting

Plasma Cutting

Here you can find the most essential plasma cutting links on the web. Do you know the dangers of plasma smoke? Do you have a plasma cutter safety guide? Now you do.

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Oxyfuel / Gas

Oxyfuel /Gas

Unsurprisingly gas welding has some serious dangers that you need to understand before you try this kind of welding. Lucky for you here is all you need to know about oxyfuel safety, with links to further free publications.

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So what should you wear to weld? How much protection is enough to keep you safe and what should you look for when buying safety gear? Take a look at these top workwear resources to find out.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Safety FAQs

Got any more questions about welding safety? If so the links below should help you answer them as they tackle the most frequently asked questions about staying safe while welding.

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