TIG 210EXT Extended Warranty (2 years)

TIG 210EXT Extended Warranty (2 years)

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TIG 210EXT Extended Warranty (2 years)

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R-Tech Tig210EXT extended warranty
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R-Tech Tig210EXT extended warranty

    Have the peace of mind with a 2 Year Extended Warranty for your Tig210EXT Tig Welder

  • This is the full R-Tech collect and return warranty package, if you have a problem with your welding machine, one simple phone call and will we arrange UK collection, repair the machine quickly and return to UK address
  • The R-Tech extended warranty can only be purchased while your machine is still in the original 2 year warranty period, the extended warranty then will automatically start at end of original warranty so you have a full 2 years extended.
  • An Invoice showing proof of 2 year extended warranty will be provided
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