R-Tech I-Mig 450

We are very proud to announce our new I-Mig 450 Mig/Arc Welder 415V

The I-Mig450 mig & arc/stick welder is a 450 amp compact inverter mig welder with 415v 3-phase input, its boasts a high duty cycle of 60% at 450 amps and excellent robust build quality, 4-Roll geared separate wire feed drive system, infinite control of welding current and wire speed, LED displays for amperage and voltage

It produces very smooth welds on all steels & aluminium compared to traditional transformer mig welders. This mig welder comes as a complete kit, all you need is a bottle of gas and a 415v supply. All at an incredible price including 2 year parts and labour warranty!!

In stock - Ready for next day delivery!

Click on link below to see the R-Tech I-Mig450 Mig Welder

Mig Welder R-Tech I-MIG450

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