New AC-DC Digital TIG Welder with a massive 260amp output on 240V

We are proud to release our latest 260Amp 240V AC/DC Digital Tig Welder.

Featuring a massive 60% duty cycle, 4 x AC waveforms , 9 job memory store, full control of all welding parameters including pre-gas, start amps, slope up, main / pulse amps, down-slope, final amps and post flow gas, this truly is a welder for the enthusiast / professional.

Comes with a WP26 Ultra-Flex torch - Flexi head and also extremely flexible torch cable with swivel giving the utmost comfort when welding.

Featuring full pulse welding with controls for Pulse Amps, Widith and % on time and advanced pulse welding with easy setup for customers new to pulse welding.

Covered by our now quibble 2 year collect and return warranty - We pay to collect, repair and return welder to you via next working day courier - quick and easy. You don't have to worry about sending item to us at your cost like many of our competitors do!

We also offer a 10 year duty of care on all our products so if you need any spares in the future we'll have them on the shelf for you.

Currently offered with a free remote foot pedal.

Full details can be found by clicking the link below

R-Tech TIG260EXT AC/DC Digital Tig Welder