Cebora AC/DC Tig Welder range extended

Cebora AC/DC Tig Welders are feature rich tig welders and the range benefits from many models including dual voltage 110/240V tig welders, 240V Tig Welders and 415V Tig Welders welding up to 460amps.

On-site demonstrations are available for the entire range and lease finance is available which provides tax benefits when purchasing your welding equipment.

The Cebora welding equipment range is extensive and backed up by excellent customer support in-line with R-Techs commitment to excellent customer support and service.

Cebora have been manufacturing Tig Welders, Plasma Cutters, Mig Welders & Arc Welders for many years and have industry proven quality and reliability.

Mig Welder

Click on links below to see our range of Cebora welding equipment

Cebora Mig Welders

Cebora Tig Welders

Cebora Plasma Cutters

Cebora Arc/MMA Welders

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